Kanaloa Network is honored to start building on the Reef Chain

Reef Aug 27 · 3 min read Kanaloa Network to join Reef Finance’s vision to Make DeFi Easy! Reef Chain opens the gates to yet another team of talented individuals wanting to help the Reef Ecosystem grow and expand further. Kanaloa will bring a whole new meaning to non-fungible tokens with their use-case based NFT’s. … Read more

Reef Finance welcomes Jax.Network to its Ecosystem

Reef Aug 12 · 2 min read Jax.Network is joining Reef Finance to “buidl” on the Reef Chain! Reef Finance is happy to welcome Jax.Network, a secure, scalable, decentralized blockchain protocol, to build on the ever-expanding Reef Chain Ecosystem. Jax.Network is a merge-mining operation on Bitcoin’s blockchain that aligns with Satoshi’s vision for electronic cash … Read more

Reef Finance welcomes Forward Protocol to Reef Chain

Reef Aug 11 · 2 min read Forward Protocol will build on Reef Chain! Reef Finance is thrilled to announce Forward Protocol is joining the Reef Chain ecosystem! Founded by Mitch Rankin and Karnika E. Yashwant, Forward Protocol’s learning solution offers a decentralized and democratized global learning system that attracts the best experts and the … Read more

BitMart Exchange announcing Reef Finance (REEF) token listing

Reef Aug 10 · 3 min read REEF coming to BitMart! Reef Finance is excited to announce a new exchange listing for its token: Reef Finance (REEF) is coming to BitMart. Launched in 2018, BitMart managed to attract over 2.2 million users in the last three years alone, with an impressive liquidity and an average … Read more

The Reef Chain is expanding rapidly — Reef Ecosystem Map, August 2021 Updates

Reef Aug 9 · 3 min read Last month, we introduced our Ecosystem Map, broken down into categories of DeFi, Security, Investors, Exchanges, NFTs/Gaming, and Wallets. Little did we know, over the last few weeks we’ve had an overwhelming interest in building on the Reef Chain and welcomed even more collaborations to the ever-growing Reef … Read more

Reef Finance and Pinknode Come Together to Provide Secure and Reliable API Endpoints

Reef Finance is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Pinknode to provide secure and reliable API endpoints for Reef users. Pinknode is a Polkadot-only protocol that aims to empower developers with its node-as-a-service solutions for accelerating product life cycles by removing an entire layer of inefficiencies and complexities. Pinknode’s mission in the DeFi space is … Read more

Reef Finance partners with multi-chain options trading platform Oddz Finance to bring a new range…

Reef Finance partners with multi-chain options trading platform Oddz Finance to bring a new range of DeFi trading options to Reef users. Oddz Finance is a multi-chain option trading platform built on Binance Smart Chain. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies over major blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, Elrond, and BSC. Through their in-built Oracle solution … Read more