How to setup MetaMask and trade on Polygon Network using Polkaswitch

Welcome to Polkaswitch! Are you trying to trade on the Polygon network but having trouble? In this article we’ll explain how to setup your MetaMask wallet on Polygon and move assets from your Ethereum wallet (on Ethereum mainnet) to your wallet on Polygon(Matic) mainnet using Metamask. Once your setup, you can use Polkaswitch on Polygon … Read more

Introducing Polkaswitch

A decentralized, multi-chain liquidity protocol powering the future of global finance and crypto asset exchange. Built on Polkadot. Polkaswitch Jan 15 · 4 min read The blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance space reached new heights in 2020 with a great deal of projects launching and capturing vast amounts of capital flowing in. At its heart, … Read more