The PERA Odyssey (Part II)

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read The Launch Saga PERA token was supposed to launch on on July 8th, but unfortunately, couldn’t distribute $PERA to startup participants, postponing the launch. On account of this, we decided to arrange an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event in our official Telegram group was conducted to clear … Read more

The PERA Odyssey (Part I)

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read It has been a fruitful time since the release of Pera Finance; we have established partnerships with some of the most important players in the DeFi space, our community kept growing, many trading competitions and giveaways have been made, positive relations have been conducted. All of which enabled PERA … Read more

PERA Partners with QuickSwap to expand further into Polygon Network

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read This week keeps on getting better and better, as you might already know PERA Finance is now able to provide its users with Anyswap’s bridging function between blockchains. Meaning, PERA is now available for swap in the Polygon Network and will be fully compatible with Polygon Network projects. Today, … Read more

PERA Partners with Anyswap to Migrate into the Polygon Network

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read This week is going to be remarkable. Pera Finance is proud to announce its partnership with Anyswap. Paving the way of bridging PERA to the Polygon Network. It’s been a while since we began considering options to expand the PERA ecosystem, and to integrate our technology on various DEXs … Read more

Pera Boosted Trading Competitions

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read Pera Finance is a DeFi platform that combines yield farming with trading competitions to create a sustainable ecosystem and incentivize network participation. To further incentivize network participation, starting this week PERA will be distributing additional tokens on top of PERA tokens, to the Top-10 trading competition participants. This week … Read more

Pera Finance will Integrate Chainlink Keepers to Reliably Automate Daily Trading Competitions

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read Pera Finance is excited to announce that we will integrate Chainlink Keepers on Ethereum to reliably automate daily trading competitions. Chainlink Keepers use decentralized, verifiable, and economically-incentivized off-chain computation to trigger on-chain functions when predefined conditions are met. For Pera Finance, Chainlink Keepers will be used to start/stop on-chain … Read more

Regarding the Wault Finance Incident

Pera Finance Just now·1 min read Dear PERA Family, Earlier today, our partner, Wault Finance received a flash loan attack on their new stablecoin, $WUSD, which is backed by a mix of 90% Tether and 10% of Wault’s WEX token. The attackers used flash loans — a form of uncollateralized blockchain loans that are borrowed … Read more

Coming in Hot, Our latest Airdrop

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read It’s time for all you NFA holders to get excited 🥳 With our recent partnership with ApeSwap, we couldn’t be happier to bring to you NFA holders our latest AirDrop. Scroll down, you do not want to miss this! 🦧What are Non-Fungible Apes? Non-Fungible Apes (or NFAs) is a … Read more

Pera Joins the Beefy x ApeSwap Partnership

Pera Finance Just now·3 min read We’re happy to announce that we’re now part of the jungle! It’s the #BeefBANANA action-packed week for the two long-standing projects, ApeSwap and Beefy Finance. Originating from the Binance Smart Chain, the two projects which go long back, recently teamed up to bring loads of activities to the community. … Read more