Oxygen Mar 22·4 min read Our supporters and even casual observers are aware of our protocol’s tagline and introduction: Oxygen Protocol is an on-chain prime brokerage built on the growing and liquid Serum ecosystem, running on the scalable Solana blockchain , and seeded by’s 140 million users. Users have expressed enthusiasm over our decision … Read more

Oxygen Protocol — Circulating Supply

Oxygen Feb 26·2 min read Oxygen is part of a movement to replicate the financial constructs of traditional finance, without centralized control and intermediaries, and to make them accessible to everyone. Excitement and interest from the DeFi community is booming and we are more than happy with the amount of feedback and community engagement we’ve … Read more

Prime Brokerages and DeFi — Part 3

Oxygen Jan 29·5 min read Our Case for Oxygen Our series has covered the various offerings of prime brokerages and DeFi’s role in making these services accessible to everyday citizens. We’ve proposed Oxygen as a champion for this cause, and many of our readers have given positive feedback. The ball is back in our court. … Read more

Prime Brokerages and DeFi — Part 2

Oxygen Jan 22·4 min read DeFi and You Among the themes that defined the cryptocurrency industry in 2020, the growth of a movement called DeFi, or Decentralized Finance, was defining. Explanatory articles about this movement aimed at the average, non-crypto person date back to 2017. To summarize these articles, we can call DeFi the general … Read more

Prime Brokerages and DeFi — Part 1

Merchants of the Dutch East India Company Oxygen Jan 18·5 min read What is a Prime Brokerage? Throughout the global chaos of 2020 emerged a massive influx of retail interest in personal trading and investment. Many of our readers, no doubt, know of or have utilized discount brokerage services such as Robinhood, Charles Schwab, and … Read more

Oxygen a DeFi Prime Brokerage

Oxygen Dec 30, 2020·2 min read Oxygen is an on-chain prime brokerage built by a team from Goldman Sachs, on the liquid and growing Serum ecosystem, running on Solana’s scalable blockchain, and seeded by the 140m users of, an on-chain mapping and fintech application. Oxygen Protocol will start by building a prime brokerage designed … Read more