Diving deeper with the Orcanauts

Delectable details on our upcoming NFT launch! Orca Team Just now·3 min read Coming November 27th: the most adorable NFT project in Solana! As the Orcanauts swim closer to their launch date (less than a week away now!), it’s time to reveal more about our vision for the project and how to mint one. For … Read more

Orcanauts: Meet the Artist

Meet the creator behind our upcoming NFT release! Orca Team Just now·5 min read Cori Huang’s very first sketches of what would become the 10,000 Orcanauts! As the release of 10,000 Orcanaut NFTs into the wild draws closer, we thought it was high tide to introduce you to the creator who brought these adorable critters … Read more

Meet the Orcanauts!

Our new NFT project combines art, DeFi, financial literacy, and fun! 🐳 Orca Team Just now·5 min read As the Orca ecosystem has grown, new creatures have been sighted emerging from deep within. 10,000 unique Orcanauts are now roaming free! Just like our podmates, each one of these little explorers is unique… and it’s looking … Read more

OrcaPod Episode 6: Lessons for a Fair Fundraise feat. Chris Burniske

Orca Team Just now·25 min read Listen now on Spotify, YouTube, or Simplecast! In our 6th episode, our co-founder Ori (@oritheorca) welcomes Placeholder Partner Chris Burniske (@cburniske) onto the show to talk about what they’ve each learned about how to structure a fair, human-centered fundraise. In the process, they discuss each of the tips in … Read more

Future of the Orca Treasury

Orca Team Just now·4 min read How we’ll sail towards a brighter future for your favorite AMM Earlier this week, we published our long-awaited Winter Roadmap, which gave you a peek into our recent developments across Product, Integrations, and Community. Today, we’d like to share one more update: How the Orca Treasury fits into our … Read more

Orca Roadmap Update: Winter 2021

Orca Team Just now·6 min read Our ecosystem is thriving. Daily trading volume now averages over $100 million, and the success of our Fall Festival brought us thousands of new podmates. And of course, we can’t help but notice the whale in the room: the total value locked in our pools breached $1 billion for … Read more

Orca’s Fall Festival Recap

Orca Team Just now·3 min read For the past few weeks, we celebrated Orca’s first-ever Fall Festival! Yesterday, we celebrated by sending our top 20 LPs a special new Collectible: The HALLOWHALE! And if you swapped, check your wallet to see if you received a surprise CLOWNFISH—1,000 lucky traders got a new friend, too 😉 … Read more

In-App Updates are here!

Orca Team 2 days ago·1 min read Get the latest news about Orca, directly within the app 🐳 Ever find yourself straying a little far from the pod, unsure of how to stay on top of all the latest changes at Orca? We’ve got your (hump)back! 🐋 The next time you open orca.so, be on … Read more

Staking is here… for both ORCA and Collectibles!

Orca Team Sep 27·5 min read You’ve been asking for it, and as part of our Fall Festival, it’s finally surfaced: Staking! For the next few weeks, you’ll be able to deposit your $ORCA and Collectibles in Staking Pools to earn — you guessed it — more $ORCA. Deposit your tokens now at orca.so/staking to … Read more

Announcing the Orca Fall Festival

Orca Team Sep 23·3 min read Autumn is almost here under the sea, and we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate the cozy fall weather (and the wonderful Orca community), we will be holding a special event: Orca’s first Fall Festival! We have tons of new Aquafarms, Collectibles, and other surprises in store for you, … Read more