Looking Back and Forward — September edition

Opium Team Oct 1 · 4 min read If Autumn represents progress and maturity, then Opium is certainly flowing with the seasons. As September draws to a close, we contributors are proudly looking back at all the developments. Considering how many people are building and how many interesting governance proposals are coming in, we know … Read more

Looking back and forward August 2021

The season is changing, and so are we: As summer comes to a close, the team here at Opium are reflecting on our many successes in terms of developments and product updates, and we are optimistically looking forward to next season. Opium Team Sep 17 · 3 min read This month’s highlights are as follows: … Read more

First Decentralised Protection for RealT “no-occupancy” event was launched on Opium Protocol

Users of RealT platform can get decentralised protection Opium Team Aug 24 · 4 min read Why it is important RealT.co is a progressive technology platform that offers investors the ability to purchase fractional real estate powered by blockchain. For around $50, you can purchase one token (or as many as you would like to … Read more

Looking Back and Forward. July 2021.

Opium Team Aug 3 · 4 min read July has been a lovely summer month for the Opium team and the Opium community, with some exciting developments happening, meeting our passionate builders face-to-face, as well as launching some interesting new products. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to: Product Updates Staking Pool Performance … Read more

Opium and Uma on launching SpaceX insurance using Uma’s Optimistic Oracle

Opium Team May 24 · 4 min read Summary: Opium and UMA combine their efforts and tools to show how off-chain data can be brought to Ethereum to grow the DeFi ecosystem. UMA’s Optimistic Oracle solution brings real-world data to Blockchain in a seamless, cheap and fast way. Coupled with a Decentralized insurance contract (CDS) … Read more

Looking back and forward — March 2021 edition

Optimistic oracles, olive oil futures, $Opium on Polygon and BSC, NFTs collection, new liquidity mining, first continuous insurance and we are hiring… Opium Team Apr 7 · 6 min read In a few years time we’ll look back at Q1 2021 and realize that it has been a pivotal time for crypto. Technological advancements, institutional … Read more

Opium announces double liquidity mining with 1inch

Opium Team Mar 30 · 2 min read 1inch is a DEX aggregator that brings together liquidity from various DEXs. By splitting orders across multiple DEXes in one transaction, 1inch maintains the lowest slippage and bridges liquidity if a particular trading pair loses liquidity across all DEXes. 1INCH team has decided to cooperate with Opium … Read more

Oliva Futures on OEX

Opium Team Mar 21 · 6 min read Oliva Futures issues first decentralized olive oil derivatives on the Opium Platform Why we need decentralized derivatives? A lot has changed since the first financial derivatives contracts were issued. Several centuries ago, rice futures were issued on the Dojima Rice Exchange as one of the first financial … Read more