Prepare Your Engines, Nitro is Imminent

tl;dr — Arbitrum One is migrating to Nitro on August 31st! Prep and test your contracts now! Refer to the migration notes, and stay up to date via our Twitter and Discord. One week ago we carried out our migration of the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet to Nitro. Overall the process went very well and now we’re looking forward … Read more

New Görli testnet and getting Rinkeby ready for Nitro

tl;dr — Our new Görli testnet for Arbitrum Rollup is now live, and we’ll be migrating our Rinkeby testnet to Nitro this month. Take time to make preparations, and get ready for Nitro! View the Nitro Migration notes here. See the new testnet info in our docs! Developers! Builders! Hardhatspeople? A new testnet has been spotted! Fellow Arbinauts, back … Read more

The Arbitrum Odyssey

in collaboration with Ratwell & Project Galaxy Do you like free-mint NFTs? How about 17 Arbitrum-exclusive NFTs designed by the illustrious crypto-renowned artist Ratwell? If you answered no to either of the above questions, then stop reading right now. This post is not for you. Awesome, you’re still here. So how do we get whitelisted for the … Read more

It’s Nitro time

tl;dr Arbitrum Nitro is ready, and today we’re launching a full-featured Nitro devnet built on Ethereum’s Görli testnet. We’re also opening up the codebase and detailing our plans for a seamless Arbitrum One migration. Arbitrum Nitro is the most advanced rollup stack ever built, and it enables massively higher throughput and lower fees. Start building … Read more

Introducing AnyTrust Chains: Cheaper, Faster L2 Chains with Minimal Trust Assumptions

tl;dr: Today we’re announcing AnyTrust chains, an Arbitrum mode for ultra low-cost transactions with strong security guarantees. AnyTrust chains will operate alongside Arbitrum One. We love optimistic rollups. They inherit the security of the underlying L1 chain, in our case Ethereum, while providing lower cost and higher throughput than the L1. And they do all of … Read more

Optimistic Rollups: the present and future of Ethereum scaling

We’re hearing a lot of talk about how ZK rollups are supposedly the future of general smart contract systems. We disagree — and this post explains why. It draws on the practical lessons we have learned from running an open, secure, EVM-compatible L2 chain with hundreds of dapps, hundreds of thousands of users, and millions of transactions. … Read more

Arbitrum Nitro: Sneak Preview

tl;dr: Today we’re unveiling Arbitrum Nitro, the next iteration of Arbitrum, which we’ve been working on for months. It’s built on standard technologies like WASM and Geth, so it’s more EVM-compatible, an order-of-magnitude faster than our current tech, and adds another 0. When it’s ready we’ll be deploying it as a seamless upgrade to Arbitrum One. … Read more

Arbitrum One Outage Report

Beginning at 10:14 AM Eastern today (September 14, 2021) and continuing for approximately 45 minutes, the Arbitrum Sequencer was offline. Funds were never at risk, but the submission of new transactions stopped during the downtime. Arbitrum One is still in its beta phase, and we will do our best to minimize downtime. But, as we … Read more