Introducing the Oracle Guard

The markets are getting dangerous, my fellow Alpacas, which is why we’ve introduced something to protect you in the worst of times, from potential price manipulation, flash liquidation, and market failure. You may get nervous with other farms, but at Alpaca, you’ll never have anything to be nervous about, because this is much more than … Read more

Regarding PancakeSwap’s Migration and a Note of Warning to BSC Users

In case you’re unaware, only hours ago, PancakeSwap announced they’d be doing a migration of all the LP tokens in their AMM to a new V2 LP contract. Unfortunately for many protocols integrated with them on BSC, this means those projects will also have to migrate their users from any vaults or staking pools … Read more

Alpaca Academy: Lesson 1 – Shorting at a Profit,

Alpaca Academy: Lesson 1 -Alpaca Finance’s Unique Use-Case — Shorting at a Profit Hello young Alpacas, and welcome, to Alpaca Academy. Here, we senior Alpacas will teach you about DeFi concepts, in particular, ones applying to Alpaca Finance. As such, today will be the first of a series of lessons to help you make the highest possible profits … Read more

Pool Announcement + Borrowing Rate Readjustment

Dear Alpacas, It‘s been a busy week for us with the releases of improved leveraged yield farming features and our first official listing on Even so, we have even more for you. We know the herd is growing and that you’re always hungry for more yields and more farm varieties. So we want you … Read more

Alpaca’s first NFT campaign!

Maybe you’ve heard rumors. Maybe you’ve had a dream about it. Maybe you’ve just read the roadmap… In any case, we’ve been hinting at Alpaca NFTs, but now — we’re dropping the real info. Above, you can see a still shot from our upcoming first NFT: “Little Al and the Magical Alpaca Farm: Episode 1". This NFT campaign will … Read more

Alpaca x Friction.Finance

Dear Alpacas, Coming off the back of a successful launch of leveraged yield farming last night, we’re also announcing a new partnership! Alpaca has partnered with Friction.Finance aka TAO token. Details of the partnership include: A new ALPACA-BTCB pool on their platform( A neat custom analytics suite for ALPACA and other tokens( A future ALPACA-TAO … Read more

Announcing a Partnership with Monster Slayer — Alpacas Also Slay Monsters!

Announcing a Partnership with Monster Slayer — Alpacas Also Slay Monsters! When the safety of innocents is threatened, as heroic Alpacas, we stand up to the challenge even against the most dangerous monsters. Especially because, we want their loot… Dragons are known to hoard gold and that’s extra for our yield farm… In any case, MonsterSlayer.Finance has given us … Read more