BarnBridge Launches on Polygon Network

We’re excited to announce that BarnBridge has deployed its first two applications, SMART Yield and SMART Exposure, on the Polygon Network. This deployment represents BarnBridge’s first expansion beyond Ethereum mainnet and marks an exciting day for existing and prospective users alike. Following Aave The deployment of SMART Yield on Polygon follows the path taken by one … Read more

Introducing SMART Exposure

We’re excited to share the arrival of the protocol’s second application, SMART Exposure. Built over the past quarter by the development team at Atpar and Digital MOB (Core Team), SMART Exposure will allow users to automate position management between any two ERC-20 assets. It is first being launched on Ethereum mainnet and will then be … Read more

Learn about BarnBridge with Coinbase Earn

We’re excited to share that BarnBridge is now one of the digital asset projects supported by Coinbase Earn. Coinbase users who complete the BarnBridge earn tasks to learn more about its applications, like SMART Yield or SMART Alpha, can earn up to $3 in BOND tokens. You can access the Earn campaign here. Note, Coinbase Earn … Read more

Protocol Cover for BarnBridge Now Available on Nexus Mutual

We’re excited to share that Nexus Mutual, an on-chain provider of insurance for DeFi projects as well as custodial cryptocurrency solutions, now offers protocol cover for BarnBridge deposits.  — @NexusMutual How Nexus Mutual Works Nexus Mutual protocol cover insures users against material losses related to failures in either protocol code, economic design, governance set-up, or oracle feeds. … Read more