UMA KPI Options for SMART Alpha are Now Live

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) options are now live for SMART Alpha! This post will provide an overview of how you may have already earned an airdrop, how you can earn more options between now and November 2nd, and what potential payout looks like. Please refer to the original announcement for a more detailed background on what … Read more

BarnBridge Partners with UMA to Offer SMART Alpha KPI Options

The BarnBridge DAO has voted to approve up to 10,000 BOND for a pilot liquidity mining program in collaboration with UMA Protocol. This liquidity mining program will be targeted at bootstrapping secondary liquidity for SMART Alpha junior and senior positions in the ETH (USD) and BTC (USD) pools on Ethereum mainnet. It will conclude on … Read more

A Retrospective on the First SMART Alpha Epoch

Last week began with the launch of our first SMART Alpha epoch. Three of the four deployed pools saw ~$500k in aggregate deposits split relatively evenly between their respective junior and senior sides. Here’s a look at each pool and how it performed over the course of the past epoch. WETH (in USD terms) The conditions for … Read more

SMART Alpha is Live

SMART Alpha is now live! Users can deposit into the available pools between now and 10 AM EDT on Monday, September 13th to participate in the first week-long epoch. The following pools will be available: WBTC / USD: Deposit wBTC with performance measured in USD WBTC / ETH: Deposit wBTC with performance measured in ETH WETH / … Read more

Simulating SMART Alpha

We’re a week removed from the start of the first SMART Alpha epoch, and we couldn’t be more excited to share deeper insights into the default model we’ll be shipping. The current plan is to launch with BTC/USD, ETH/USD, BOND/USD, and ETH/BTC pools and to roll out prioritized pools over the coming month. You can … Read more

Using SMART Alpha

Earlier this week, we announced the upcoming launch of SMART Alpha. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the various use cases that will be possible once the application is live. SMART Alpha Refresher SMART Alpha creates single-asset pools for any non-rebasing ERC-20 with a Chainlink price feed. It is epoch-based, meaning that you deposit the … Read more

Announcing SMART Alpha

At the heart of last year’s BarnBridge white paper were two protocols: SMART Yield and SMART Alpha. We’re excited to share that the launch of SMART Alpha is imminent, with a target release between Labor Day and mid-September. Until then, we’ll be doing extensive education around what it is and how you’ll be able to … Read more

BarnBridge Joins Onramp as a Content Partner

BarnBridge is pleased to announce that it’s the first project in DeFi to partner with Onramp on content for their Onramp Academy offering. Onramp is a comprehensive cryptoasset management solution allowing financial advisors to help their clients safely, confidently, and intelligently invest in the new age. As a content partner, BarnBridge will help to inform Onramp’s … Read more

BarnBridge DAO Votes in Favor of SMART Yield Rewards Period

The BarnBridge DAO has signaled its intent to support a one-time SMART Yield senior tranche rewards program in lieu of renewing junior tranche rewards at this time. Please read the following program description closely, and feel free to ask the community clarifying questions in our Discord. Terms of the Program 100,000 BOND will be distributed from the … Read more

SMART Yield Now Supports RAI, sUSD, and USDT

BarnBridge’s SMART Yield application allows you to receive either fixed or levered variable exposure to underlying lending markets across DeFi. Today, we’re expanding that functionality to the following markets: Reflexer Finance’s RAI on Aave Synthetix’s sUSD on Aave Tether on Compound Note, this comes on the eve of existing junior tranche rewards lapsing for Aave and C.R.E.A.M. Finance … Read more