How Much Is stETH Worth?

Lido is a staking solution for ETH 2.0 built to solve the limits of solo staking, as we mentioned in this post. It makes staked ETH liquid by providing a token that represents the staked amount and allows participation with any amount of ETH. Backed by several industry-leading staking providers and capturing a lot of … Read more

Introducing Oasis Earn

Today is moving its first step towards making it easier for you to earn on your assets.  The products for Oasis Earn, as we are calling it, are curated DeFi-products that easily put your deposits in a position to earn a yield. Oasis Earn is a full self-custody solution for entering and exiting yield … Read more Introduces Its New Logo

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a new logo for The brand personality is Friendly, Authentic & Thoughtful, and today we want to introduce to you our new logo, which expresses all of it.  The features that cannot be missed As we mature as a company and team, conveying a recognizable and solid … Read more

Vaults Offboarding By Maker Governance

As of June 10th 2022, as part of the weekly Maker Governance Cycle, MKR holders voted – together with other parameter changes – to initiate the offboarding of some vault types. These vaults will be removed from the Maker Protocol either because there is low demand for them and consequent negative cash flow. In either … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About stETH

As we know it is very important to always have a strategy when it comes to DeFi investments, and you can start by learning and getting the knowledge you need. We are closer and closer to “The Merge”: Ethereum, after long years of research, is making its biggest upgrade yet transitioning from Proof of Work … Read more

May Recap by

Hello Oasis Fellows! Even with bear market, we are keeping building and smiling! This month we were focused on development: we introduced the new stETH, voted by the Maker Governance two weeks ago; we have made improvements in the Oasis Multiply UX and we released the Stop Loss protection, which due to the unfortunate market … Read more

Adopting Crypto As A Legal Tender Following El Salvador

Last year was the first time a country accepted Bitcoin as an official currency. So far Bitcoin remains the only cryptocurrency that has been used in this way and has been integrated into the mainstream economy through government, but this opens the doors to an interesting scenario. In September 2021 El Salvador became the first … Read more Launches Stop-Loss Protection

It’s time to step away from your keyboard with Stop-Loss Protection We all know that crypto assets can be volatile. To protect yourself from downside risk and ultimately liquidation, we are proud to announce the launch Stop-Loss Protection for your Maker vaults on  By adding Stop-Loss Protection, you are ensuring that your vault … Read more

April Recap by

First of all, we are very happy to announce the closing of our Series A funding round of $6M led by Libertus Capital and Road Capital and including other angel investors in the crypto space like: Mariano Conti, Patricio Worthalter, Cyrus Younessi, Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov and Will Price.  This funding will go toward developing our … Read more