Subgraphs explained: Yearning for data

Marco Worms Aug 4 · 4 min read A Subgraph is a service that allows developers and users to query blockchain data using well-known database query languages. In this article, we will explore a Yearn Ethereum Subgraph and learn how to ask it for data (a.k.a. query it). This knowledge is extremely important for web3 … Read more

Where does on-chain yield come from?

Marco Worms Jun 24 · 6 min read DeFi is a large ecosystem with many different protocols, each offering different services and yield options. It can be thrilling to be on the hunt for the highest APY/APR (Annual Percentage Yields/Rates), still, it is essential to keep track of the sustainability of the source that pays … Read more

Self-Hosting Web3 Services

Marco Worms Mar 31 · 6 min read Web3 has brought a new way to communicate with applications: apps are no longer hosted by centralized server providers but rather on blockchains, which are decentralized systems. Apps built on top of decentralized foundations are resilient to downtime and censorship, but there is an issue: serving the … Read more

Setup notifications for blockchain transactions with Tenderly

Marco Worms Mar 18 · 6 min read In the article where Yearn announced a partnership with Tenderly there was a section where we said: “Tenderly has built-in customizable alerts that allow even novice users to create alerts on virtually any on-chain event.” A Yearn contributor reached out to learn more about this, and I … Read more

Yearn Partners: Building with yVaults

Marco Worms Mar 4 · 4 min read #buidl Yearn Vaults are built with open standards and YFI partners have made amazing applications on top of them in the past couple of years. This article showcases how other protocols have extended Yearn products, and we hope it inspires more experiments on top of YFI services! … Read more

Diving into Yearn Metrics

Marco Worms · Follow Feb 17 · 6 min read Doing your own research is a necessary exercise when dealing with crypto and for yVaults and strategies there are a handful of views that you can explore and use to crunch all the numbers. In this article I will dive into all public Yearn analytics … Read more