September Development Update

Loong Sep 30 · 3 min read This month the core development team has been focused dominantly on improving tools, and testing the stability and security of upcoming features. Greycore This month was the first month in which the RenVM Testnet was running its consensus mechanism on the Greycore. As always, we are rolling out … Read more

RenVM Greycore on Testnet

Loong Sep 13 · 2 min read The Ren core development team is thrilled to announce the migration of RenVM Testnet to support the Greycore! It’s been a long time coming and we are excited to bring this crucial step in Ren’s long-term vision to fruition. Learn more about the Greycore, the Testnet process, and … Read more

August Development Update

Loong Aug 31 · 4 min read This month the RenVM core development team has been up to quite a lot, from launching our new million-dollar bounty program with Immunefi, to supporting new chains. But in this update, I would like to focus on just four of the most important and interesting things that we … Read more

July Development Update

Loong Jul 30 · 3 min read Another month down, another development update up. This month, we have worked on quite a broad range of things and started a few new items of importance. Let’s dive straight in. Multichain This month we worked on several improvements to the Multichain infrastructure, with a focus on performance … Read more

Going Live with RenVM v0.4

This article will provide an overview of the upgrades taking place as part of the release of RenVM Mainnet V.04. The upgrades improve a variety of elements within the protocol, which are expanded upon below. Enabling Greycore activation RenVM fee improvements Streamlining of support for new blockchains Greycore Activation This upgrade collates and implements all of … Read more

April Development Update

This month has been a diverse mix of preparing for the next release of RenVM, the upcoming “blockchain blitz”, working with third-party developers (check out the new BadgerDAO bridge if you haven’t already), and designing some brand new functionality. Let’s jump into it. Loki I have talked about Loki a few times already. It is our … Read more

March Development Update

Before we dive into the technical updates for this month, make sure to check out the most recent Ren Ecosystem Update | March 2021, because this month saw a lot of announcements and new integrations. Also, a lot of the technical work this month has been in preparation for our Snapshot RFC and Community Fund … Read more

February Development Report

February Development Update It has been another busy month for the Ren dev team, and we’re off to a fast-paced start to the year. Lots of development has been done on the core components, but we’ve also begun on some new tools and some new research. I want to hold off on discussing some of … Read more