Gaming Analytics Company, Lurkit, Joins Big Data Protocol Data Alliance Showcasing Streaming, Video, News and Sentiment Data for the gaming industry

Big Data Protocol (BDP) added it first gaming and eSports data product to its Data Alliance. Lurkit’s platform allows users to find content creators, actively monitor market trends and millions of streaming channels, as well as track media & influencer coverage around specific games. Lurkit’s initial dataset includes streaming, video, and sentiment analysis for major … Read more

BDP Community Commentaries 5/9/21

Our sixth community update brings our proudest accomplishment so far! It’s been a big week for BDP Legions as our Data Market successfully cleared public beta and arrived on Ethereum mainnet May 2nd. We launched not one, but two successful IDOs (Initial Data Offerings) this week. $BDP stakers earned upside on each datatoken on top of … Read more

BDP Data Market in Public Beta

📢 Testers, assemble! Right on 🎯, the BDP Data Market is in public beta on the Rinkeby testnet. We will announce when it goes live on Rinkeby. We are inviting the BDP Community to test it out! Trade datatokens, provide liquidity, consume datatokens and tinker with all the Data Market’s functionality. REGISTER HERE What’s in it for me? … Read more

Tutorial: Testing the BDP Data Market (beta)

Connect to the Market Access the beta Data Market — Switch to the Rinkeby Testnet Select your wallet and connect to the Data Market (having trouble with MetaMask? Help here) Add BDP token to your wallet’s Trade Tokens Accept the “Trade” terms & conditions Enter BDP to trade for datatokens from the pool Use Max returns the maximum amount that can … Read more