UMA Range Token Retro

Analyzing The First Implementation by a DAO Kevin Chan Sep 30 · 7 min read The first range token was minted on June 30, 2021, using $UMA as collateral, to raise over $2.6 MM USDC from a small group of DeFi enthusiasts. This inaugural token settled on August 31, 2021. In this article we review … Read more

Designing A Smart Liquidity Mining Program (LM 2.0)

A Case Study Using KPI Options for Balancer’s Liquidity Mining Program on Polygon Kevin Chan Aug 16 · 6 min read Liquidity Mining 2.0 The idea of Liquidity Mining 2.0 was first introduced in a tweet. It involves replacing liquidity mining rewards with call options or KPI options. As mentioned in the tweet, this accomplishes … Read more

uLABS: Range Tokens in Detail

How To Build A Range Token Kevin Chan Jun 21 · 8 min read In our previous article we introduced range tokens as a new treasury primitive for DAOs to access funds and diversify their treasury. In this article we provide a more technical explanation detailing the payout function and walk through how a range … Read more

Treasury Diversification With Range Tokens

UMA Helps DAOs Utilize and Leverage Their Assets Kevin Chan Jun 14 · 8 min read UMA’s flexible and secure infrastructure enables DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to build custom tools to drive their community and manage their treasury. DAOs are now using KPI options to incentivize a desired activity or behavior as illustrated by Badger … Read more

uLABS: How Uniswap v3 Will Level Up UMA and DeFi

Kevin Chan May 3 · 8 min read TL;DR — Uniswap v3 will improve capital efficiency and liquidity for synthetic tokens built on the UMA infrastructure. The defining feature of this upgrade is “concentrated liquidity” which grants individual liquidity providers more control over how they provide liquidity. We outline in this article at a high … Read more