Earn FARM by Completing Quests

Calling all humble Harvest contributors to join our quest initiative with Crew3. A total pool of 20.5 FARM tokens for grabs! Farmers, we are excited to invite you to our quest initiative with Crew3 — a community dashboard where you can easily submit your completed quests and earn rewards! Open Harvest’s Dashboard:harvest.crew3.xyz/questboard Explore the wall of quests with various … Read more

Harvest x Llama: Open DAO Books

Read all Harvest’s on-chain data: Financials, FARM Buybacks & Emissions, Vaults’ Profits, Treasury Statements & Holdings. Despite being transparent, blockchains are hard to read like an open book by someone who casually uses services like etherscan. This changes today at Harvest with this Dune dashboard designed by our friends at Llama. It is promising to see … Read more

Harvest Expands to Arbitrum, Launching Beta Dapp ft. Dolomite

We’re excited to announce that Harvest on Arbitrum is now live thanks to our collaboration with Dolomite. As of today, anyone can start using Harvest on Arbitrum via the interface provided by Dolomite at harvest.dolomite.io With over 55% TVL market share and instant transaction confirmations, Arbitrum has positioned itself as the next promising Layer 2 … Read more

Harvest 3: The New Beginning

Introducing: Arbitrum & Leveraged Vaults ft. Dolomite, Managed Uniswap 3 Strategies, New Dapp & Frontpage, DAO Insights ft. Llama & Ops Automation ft. Gelato TL;DR Revamped Website with an end to end Dapp redesign Dolomite x Harvest = Acres of Arbitrum with leveraged vaults Degen Delights — Managed Uniswap V3 Strategies Strategic DAO Insights ft. Llama Operation Automation of Harvest’s … Read more

Recap #5 — February 2022

Recap #5 — February 2022 New ATHs across the latest vaults & farmlands to explore. Dear Farmers, This week we’ve seen an influx of depositors to our recently readjusted Stakewise UniV3 vault. A ~750% TVL increase in just 8 days from 2M to 17.5M! We are excited to see ETH stakers realize Harvest is the best place to earn an … Read more

Claim Your Vested $FARM

You might be eligible to claim vested $FARM if you farmed with Harvest. Dear Farmers, Harvest started vesting FARM tokens on week 41 (early Jun 2021), and as the first vested FARM tokens have become available, we are releasing an official UI page for users to claim them. 👉 Claim your vested $FARM here: vest.harvest.finance FAQ: Why … Read more

Launching $ORC — $ETH Vault ft. Orbit Chain

Launching $ORC — $ETH Vault ft. Orbit Chain A collaboration with Orbit Chain with a focus on the Liquidity Mining incentive program. *APY at the time of publishing. It can be volatile & subject to change. Dear Farmers, We are excited to officially announce a collaboration with the Orbit Chain, powered by the OGs of the Korean crypto scene — Ozys — to … Read more

Recap #4 — January 2022

Recap #4 — January 2022 The expansion of farmlands continues. Dear Farmers, This week has been all about farmland expansion. Our humble farmers saw a bunch of new opportunities across Ethereum & Polygon to deploy their crypto assets to work. As usual, Harvest remains committed to researching and deploying farms that make economic sense and not necessarily trying to … Read more

Harvest Recap #3 | January 2022

Farms…new farms everywhere & Bloomberg! Dear Farmers, This week was full of new vaults all week long in collaboration with projects like Paraswap, mStable and Popsicle Finance. We are more than excited to work with big brands that share our vision of bringing prosperity to their users. In total, our Polygon section saw 4 new farmlands … Read more

Launching $PSP-$MATIC Vault Powered by Quickswap & Polygon

The big four joins forces to bring you the highest yields. *APYs are annualized based on short term returns, are highly variable, and subject to change. Dear Farmers, We are excited to bring you the result of our collaboration with the Paraswap team. Introducing: $PSP-$MATIC vault powered by Quickswap. A powerful farmland on Polygon that involves four notable … Read more