Injective Partners with UMA to Launch Innovative Synthetic Products

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with UMA to launch innovative synthetic products. By integrating with Injective’s decentralized derivatives exchange, synthetic assets on UMA can be made available to our users moving forward. Notable synthetics that we plan to introduce include uGas, a solution for hedging against Ethereum gas fees. In addition, we plan … Read more

Injective Partners with Klaytn to bring Decentralized Trading to Millions of Users

We are thrilled to announce that Injective is partnering with Klaytn to bring decentralized trading to millions of users within the Klaytn ecosystem. By integrating Injective’s decentralized derivatives protocol, Klaytn users will be able to access a diverse array of new financial markets not found elsewhere. In addition, users on Injective will be able to … Read more

TechCrunch: Injective Protocol raises $10M from Pantera Capital, Mark Cuban for its ‘DeFi Robinhood’

Back in December last year Injective Protocol launched the testnet for its DeFi protocols for cross-chain derivatives trading, with backing from giant crypto exchange Binance. It has now raised $10 million in a “party” funding round. Participating in the round was Pantera Capital, BlockTower, Hashed, Cadenza Ventures (formerly BitMex Ventures), CMS, and QCP Capital. Billionaire … Read more

The Block: Injective Protocol raises $10 million from Mark Cuban and other investors

Decentralized derivatives exchange Injective Protocol has raised $10 million in a new funding round. Several investors, including billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, Pantera Capital, BlockTower, Hashed Ventures, CMS Holdings, and QCP Capital, participated in the round. “This was a private placement token sale,” Mirza Uddin of Injective Protocol told The Block. “We sold tokens with a … Read more

API3 is Integrating with Injective to Unlock New DeFi Markets

We are expanding our oracle ecosystem further by partnering with API3. API3 is building decentralized APIs for Web 3.0 which would allow platforms to access quantifiably secure data feeds. API3 has already been working with some of Injective’s valuable partners such as Fantom and Polygon (previously Matic). Injective is already integrating with some of the … Read more

Injective's Novel Trezor Integration: Adding EIP-712 Support for all Ethereum Applications

Engineering talent is arguably the scarcest resource in the crypto industry, so we are extraordinarily lucky to have some of the most talented devs building Injective Protocol. With our work, Injective is increasingly expanding its contribution to the underlying open source infrastructure within DeFi. Today we are proud to share a groundbreaking milestone for the … Read more

Injective Governance Proposal Procedure

One of our primary goals at Injective has always been to create a new financial paradigm that is wholly owned, operated, and governed by the community. A critical component of achieving this vision is to enable robust decentralized governance so that our vibrant community can continue to spearhead new innovation for years to come. This … Read more

Injective: Ramp DeFi Surprise Drop on Equinox Staking

We are excited to announce another Equinox Staking surprise drop. This time our friends at Ramp DeFi sponsored the event and dropped $10,000 worth of RAMP tokens (RAMP) to our users. Injective partnered with Ramp DeFi earlier this year to launch cross-chain staking derivatives which would allow users to trade staking derivatives with leverage moving … Read more