Stake Your Alpies for Access to Higher LYF Leverage!

Dear alpacas, One of the promised utilities of the Alpies NFTs is the 50% boost to max leverage on Alpaca Finance’s leveraged yield farming. Today, we’re happy to announce that this benefit will go live starting June 30th, 2022 at approx. 10 AM UTC. Read on for more details! ❓How does it work? Alpies’ owners will be … Read more

Announcing CAKE Lending Vault and Leveraged Yield Farming

Dear alpacas, We senior alpacas are excited to announce that we’re adding support for a CAKE lending vault as well as leveraged yield farming pools that borrow CAKE! We know many in the Herd have asked for this, so we’re happy to oblige. We will support 3 LYF pools for CAKE borrowing: BNB-CAKE (3x) BUSD-CAKE (3x) … Read more

Announcing Automated Vault Strategy Community Program

Dear alpacas, We senior alpacas know there are many GeniusPacas living amongst us in the Herd. In fact, many of you have provided us with valuable feedback which we’ve used to improve the protocol and we’re grateful for. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce a new program that’ll allow you to put your financial knowledge … Read more

Product Update: Sunsetting Automated Vaults on Fantom

Dear Alpacas, This past week has been one of the most tumultuous periods in crypto history. A lot of protocols and infrastructure were stress-tested to their limits. Since the launch of Automated Vaults on Fantom, we’ve been monitoring the vaults’ performance closely to ensure they’ve functioned as expected. Unfortunately, after the Vaults have gone live … Read more

Introducing Savings Vaults— a New Automated Vault Strategy

Dear Alpacas, We senior alpacas do our best to never stop innovating. With the success of our Market-Neutral Automated Vaults, we’ve continued working hard to find more ways to allow the Herd to earn high yields at low risk. Now, after much input from the community and discussions in the barn, we’re excited to announce … Read more

AUSD Commercialization Plan: Peg Insurance Fund and Stableswap Reinforcement

Dear alpacas, After rolling out the initial pre-commercial version of AUSD, and confirming the stability of all the core mechanisms through actual use, we’re ready to add additional pegging mechanisms to set and reinforce AUSD’s $1 peg, and to ramp it up for commercial applications. AUSD’s design mechanics are sound, through over-collateralization and extensive capital … Read more

Special NFT Campaign — Celebrating Alpaca’s 1-Year Anniversary!

Special NFT Campaign — Celebrating Alpaca’s 1-Year Anniversary! Dear alpacas, Time flies when you have fun, and Alpaca Finance is turning one. To celebrate our 1-year anniversary, as well as our upcoming expansion to Fantom, we’re launching an Anniversary NFT Campaign where all old & new alpacas will have a chance to earn exclusive NFTs, the largest of … Read more

Announcing Fantom Launch Details & Timeli

Announcing Fantom Launch Details & Timeline Dear alpacas, The Fantom launch is upon us like a ghost in the night! We senior alpacas are excited to let you know that we’ll go live next Tuesday, the 15th of February! So that you won’t have to fear the unknown 👻, this article will go into the details of … Read more

Governance Vault Part 2 Is Here! Early Withdrawal, Governance & Insurance Plan!

Dear alpacas, We senior alpacas want to thank all of you for the votes of confidence you’ve given us by locking your ALPACA in the Governance Vault. In less than 1 month, you’ve locked 32% of the circulating supply(~49.5M ALPACA) for an average lock time of 36.6 weeks! Now that’s some solid belief in us, … Read more

Alpaca Finance Is Going Multi-Chain! Announcing the Herd’s Expansion to Fantom Network!

Dear alpacas, We know you’ve all been waiting for this moment and it’s finally here. After much time spent in discussions with potential network partners, and analyzing the logistics of growing multi-chain, we’re finally ready to announce it’s time to expand the farm! We’re going multi-chain! And the first expansion will be to Fantom! Which Alpaca … Read more