We Have Moved ♜♜♜

We have moved our blog to blog.keeperdao.com. We encourage you to visit us there and subscribe for future updates. ♜♜♜ We Have Moved ♜♜♜ was originally published in KeeperDAO on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Hiding Vault x Compound

Rewards for the Hiding Vault will go live approximately 24 hours after launch, beginning at block 12865000. Today, we are ecstatic to launch the Hiding Vault, the Just-In-Time-Underwriter and kCompound, which make up the foundations of our borrowing protocol. Together, they give borrowers an optimal way to protect borrow positions on Compound while also earning … Read more

June Development Update

The theme for Act III is “Decentralisation” and this past month, we’ve taken our first big strides towards our goal of transforming KeeperDAO into a self-sustaining, decentralised protocol. The most visible sign of this was, of course, the release of the first major software update driven by community contributors. But there have also been big … Read more

May Development Update

The summer is almost here. May was a transitional month and we have onboarded more contributors, Keepers, and made more integrations than ever before. We are also days away from launching kCompound and hit record volumes on the Hiding Game, processing $12mm daily volume on multiple days. Let’s take a closer look at what KeeperDAO … Read more

April Development Update

Welcome to the April edition of the KeeperDAO monthly development update. There is a lot to share with updates to the Hiding Game, the impending release of kCompound, and new information about the Coordination Game. Community in April Hiding Game user volume is growing rapidly: $26,273,380 Hiding Game user volume (last 7 days) $79,643,316 Hiding Game user volume … Read more

Introducing kCompound

kCompound will go live in early May. In February, KeeperDAO launched the Hiding Game: a unique system that allows users and keepers to cooperatively hide and re-distribute MEV when using the Ethereum network. The first phase of the Hiding Game introduced a virtual mempool called the Hiding Book that allows KeeperDAO to provide the most advanced limit … Read more

March Development Update

Welcome to the first ever KeeperDAO development update! We will roll out a monthly update moving forward. March has been a busy month of optimisations for the Hiding Game Keeper bot and developments for the Hiding Game application. Let’s dive in. The Hiding Game Keeper Bot The team has worked on integrating more DEXes for the Hiding … Read more