Ankr’s New Public RPC:  A Foundational Layer For Blockchain Development & Decentralization

Franciska Kovacs Sep 16 · 3 min read Ankr is opening the gateway to development for more builders by providing them with instant and reliable access to interface with the blockchain. This includes offering ways for anyone to make Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) to access data from multiple chains. We’ve been working toward this for … Read more

5 reasons why you should stake KSM through Ankr StakeFi in the Kusama Slot Auctions

Franciska Kovacs Sep 13 · 3 min read Kusama parachain auctions are back! Auctions #6–10 will take place during the month of September, giving more projects a chance to win a parachain slot on Kusama and benefit from the network’s unprecedented security and speed. Conditions remain the same: teams need to bid the highest number … Read more

Internet Bonds: The Best Way to Earn With Avalanche

Franciska Kovacs Sep 10 · 5 min read Avalanche Internet Bonds from Ankr StakeFi offer instant liquidity for your staked AVAX and enable you to earn in more places simultaneously. The Avalanche Platform Avalanche has gained massive traction lately as a blockchain development platform for building smart contracts, dApps, and custom blockchains. The attraction of … Read more

Ankr x LydiaFinance Avalanche Internet Bonds AMA recap

Franciska Kovacs Sep 9 · 3 min read Following the aAVAXb/AVAX farm going live on LydiaFinance last week, our DeFi architect Filipe Gonçalves participated in AMA on the LydiaFinance Telegram channel. He answered the community’s questions about internet bonds and the Ankr ecosystem. For those who couldn’t attend, we summarized the most relevant questions and … Read more


Franciska Kovacs Sep 9 · 3 min read What is the strategic collaboration between Ankr and OnX Finance? OnX Finance creates use cases in DeFi for Internet Bonds from Ankr, enabling users to easily benefit from enhanced yield on top of Internet Bonds’ staking rewards. What is the connection to Internet Bonds? Internet Bonds solve … Read more

Ankr: the foundation for Polygon (Matic) project development

Franciska Kovacs Jul 22 · 3 min read Today we’re excited to announce that we support a full Developer API solution for building projects on Polygon. While we still support Polygon validator nodes through our node hosting service, the new Developer API allows Polygon developers to instantly create a private HTTPS or websocket endpoint. Both … Read more

Ankr: the foundation for BSC project development

Franciska Kovacs Jul 1 · 2 min read As we continue building out Binance Smart Chain infrastructure for developers, we are happy to announce that Ankr now offers a full suite of API Developer Solutions. Developers can now instantly access a private endpoint for both full nodes and archive nodes on Binance Smart Chain using … Read more