The Cartoon Guide to Opyn’s Crab Strategy

rΞgan.eth Jun 24 · 4 min read When it comes to understanding perpetuals, everyone in the know will send you Dave White’s Cartoon Guide to Perps. Something about cartoon Dave (and his pal Perpus cryptoeconomicus) just clicks with people. The popularity of his cartoon guide inspired me to create my own. So, without further ado, … Read more

1inch integrates with Opium

Thanks to the integration, Opium derivatives pools are now available in the 1inch dApp, creating extra earning opportunities for users. The 1inch Network is glad to announce an integration with the derivatives platform Opium, which will enable users to take advantage of Opium derivatives pools directly in the 1inch dApp. “Crypto derivatives is a promising segment in … Read more

The 1inch Foundation extends the gas refund program

The 1inch Foundation has decided to continue to compensate gas costs to the 1inch DEX aggregator’s users. It’s been a while since the 1inch Foundation announced the distribution of 10 mln 1INCH tokens as gas consumption refund to Ethereum users who are staking 1INCH through the 1inch dApp. This activity became quite popular among users: over … Read more

1inch partners with

Thanks to the integration, 1INCH holders will be able to book millions of products on the leading crypto-friendly travel website. In a move set to boost the 1INCH token adoption, the 1inch Network is thrilled to announce a partnership with, the world’s leading crypto-friendly online travel agency. As a result of the partnership, the 1INCH … Read more

1inch takes leadership in the DEX segment

Since early May, 1inch has become the leader in the DEX segment, outperforming, among others, Uniswap, the largest DeFi project in user numbers. This month, 1inch has seen tremendous growth in swap volume among all DEXes, emerging as the segment’s undisputed leader. “The 1inch Network is delighted to emerge as the DEX segment’s top performer,” comments … Read more

1inch’s cumulative Merkle drop tool: an overview

The tool facilitates multiple token airdrops, making the distribution cheaper and more efficient. As part of a series on developer tools built by the 1inch core contributor team, this article introduces the 1inch cumulative Merkle drop tool. It facilitates optimized gas costs and top-level security in a situation where regular airdrops to the same addresses … Read more

Transak fiat on ramp provider is integrated into the 1inch Wallet

Thanks to the integration, users are getting more options for buying tokens for fiat. As part of its strategy of offering users more fiat-to-crypto exchange options, the 1inch Network is happy to announce the integration of Transak, a fiat on ramp aggregator, into the 1inch Wallet. “The addition of Transak as another fiat on ramp provider enables … Read more

The 1inch Network expands to Fantom

Thanks to the expansion to another promising blockchain, 1inch users will get access to yet deeper liquidity and yet more options for efficient and cheap swaps. The 1inch Network is thrilled to share that it continues to expand across the DeFi space, so the 1inch Aggregation Protocol and the 1inch Limit Order Protocol have been just … Read more

The 1inch Wallet for Android is released

This version of 1inch’s popular mobile wallet will enable Android users to take advantage of convenient token swaps at the most competitive rates, as well as other functionality. The 1inch Wallet for iOS, launched last April, turned out to be absolutely successful with users, and the 1inch Network is now glad to introduce the long-awaited … Read more