EQIFi Holiday Giveaway

EQIFI Just now·4 min read ’Tis the season of giving, and EQIFi is offering over $10,000 worth of prizes! With the #EQIFiHolidayGiveaway we wish to reward new and already existing users with over $10,000 in prizes! Become part of our DeFi community before January 2nd to earn $10 for registration and enter a draw for … Read more

EQIFi Tech Updates: Nov 1st to 15th

EQIFI Just now·5 min read We deliver! In the past two weeks, we have engaged in redesigning and improving your customer experience with EQIFi. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools in the blockchain space to manage your assets and get all that extra income from DeFi. We don’t only talk the … Read more


EQIFI Just now·3 min read We invite everybody to be part of our first #EQXBlackFridayGiveaway! Join our DeFi community between November 1st and 26th, and get the chance to win 3 rewards adding up to $1510. Sign up, engage, share, and WIN! Giveaway period: From November 1st, 00:00 UTC to November 26th, 23:59 UTC WHY … Read more

Crypto Basics — What is Staking?

EQIFI 2 hours ago·6 min read Maybe you’ve heard the term “staking” as a way of earning returns on your cryptocurrency. Let’s explore precisely what it is and why and when it is required of a blockchain network. Then we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of staking your coins, as well as giving a quick-start … Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Stake EQX

EQIFI Aug 10·4 min read In the exciting realm of Decentralized Finance, staking has taken the spotlight. Staking is now mainstream, with pooled staking available on popular trading platforms. Barriers to significant gains on cryptocurrency holdings are crumbling. The advent of financial possibilities never before possible is upon us. As most of the world welcomes … Read more

How and Where to Buy Cryptocurrency — Explained

EQIFI Just now·3 min read If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi), you may be a bit confused about where you need to go to get started. The good news is that DeFi and cryptocurrency are open to almost anyone. If you can access an internet connection, you should be … Read more

EQX — Everything you need to know about the EQIFI token

EQIFI Just now·3 min read At this point in history, it’s clear that Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is creating a ground-breaking impact on the current financial system and its traditional centralized structure. Of the essential components of today’s $74 billion DeFi Market Cap, the various native tokens used on each platform are an integral part … Read more