Don-key and GeroWallet Cross-Integrate to Bring DeFi to the Masses Just now·3 min read On the heels of its last partnership announcement, Don-key Finance is excited to announce its second B2B integration: GeroWallet, the very first blockchain-agnostic, full-featured DeFi wallet. Don-key’s mission to bring yield farming to the mainstream aligns perfectly with GeroWallet’s goal to be the “master key to DeFi.” Both projects exist … Read more

CyberFi Will Integrate Don-key Yield Farming Just now·2 min read Today, Don-key is proud to announce its first integration-related partnership: CyberFi, the most advanced automated DeFi platform, will offer Don-key’s low risk BUSD strategy selection on its Samurai Stakepad. This represents the start of Don-key’s B2B partnerships in which external protocols route their liquidity through Don-key to make the most … Read more

Don-key Finance Partners with Ridotto to Launch a Suite of Casino Products Just now·3 min read On the tail end of introducing the community to Don-key’s No-Loss Farmer’s Lottery, the team is absolutely thrilled to announce that it is taking gamified DeFi one step further. Through Ridotto — the world’s first decentralized cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol — Don-key will be able to offer it’s community … Read more

Introducing The No-Loss Farmer’s Lottery 2 days ago·2 min read As we approach the dapp’s public launch, Team Don-key would like to introduce the community to an innovative new product that they have been cooking up over the past several weeks. Don-key Farmer’s Lottery To reward early users of the platform, Don-key is rolling out a low risk, high … Read more

Don-key Product Update Just now·4 min read Today marks an important milestone for Don-key Finance. Thanks to two months of beta feedback, Don-key’s team is finalizing crucial product improvements that will enable the platform to offer a more user-friendly and market adaptive yield farming product. A Hard Look At The Beta Over the course of the beta, … Read more

Introducing Don-key’s Referral System Just now·3 min read Hello Don-keys, Today is an exciting day for the community because the team is announcing a referral system designed to award all evangelizers of Don-key’s one-click copy farming. Starting on the day of the DApp’s release (in August,) users will be able to earn 5% profit commission from all users … Read more

Don-key Roadmap

We are excited to share our updated road map with our community ·Just now Q3 2021 Launch Public DApp More Matic and BSC strategies Deploy referral campaign and accelerated staking rewards Q4 2021 Offer high risk leveraged farming strategies Integrate On-Ramp CEX Listing First Cardano Strategies Deploy Don-key Yield Farming Fund Automate farmer on-boarding … Read more