Update: Developer Mining and Grants Program

Clayton Roche Jul 21 · 3 min read Tl;dr The developer mining program will continue to run until September 30th. There will be some changes to the program as we explore here. Teams may also submit proposals for KPI Option grants. The developer mining program has run for about 3 quarters and has been responsible … Read more

BadgerDAO’s “Rebase Mining” Kicks Off Now Using UMA’s KPI Options

Clayton Roche May 13 · 4 min read In an effort to encourage positive rebases of BadgerDAO’s DIGG token, BagerDAO has launched “Rebase Mining” using UMA’s KPI Options. In order to best explain how this works and what it means for both communities, I have asked Jon Tompkins from the BadgerDAO team to answer some … Read more

Crypto.com, Yam Finance, and UMA to Collaborate on a Suite of NFT Products

Clayton Roche May 12 · 3 min read Tl;dr — UMA, crypto.com, and YAM Finance are exploring collaborative possibilities to deliver value to the NFT market. This comes on the heels of a Christie’s Auction for CryptoPunks that sold for $16.9M. Shared Interest uLABS recently announced the CryptoPunks Index, a synthetic token that tracks the … Read more