pSTAKE (2nd Alpha Launchpad project) announces the uncapped launch

The team has officially launched the uncapped pSTAKE Finance on the mainnet with full functionality for ATOM holders. pSTAKE is our second incubated Alpha Launchpad project that aims to offset the solidity of users’ staked assets. By staking on pSTAKE Finance, users can gain liquidity to their staked assets and therefore use them on other … Read more

Bi-Weekly Newsletter – September 1st – 17th

“Look at our universe, it’s getting bigger and bigger!” One word that can sum up our first half of September is ‘exciting’. Curious what we’ve been cooking for you? Let’s take a look! TL;DR Alpha Homora V2 will be launched on Avalanche next AlphaX launch is coming in a few weeks Alpha as a blockchain … Read more

Announcing New Liquidity Mining Period for Alpha Homora V1 and V2 (Ethereum + BSC)

Announcing the new liquidity mining period for Alpha Homora – both on Ethereum (V1 and V2) and BSC (v1). For those who haven’t migrated from Alpha Homora V1 Ethereum to V2, be sure to migrate since leverage yield farming on Alpha Homora V2 can get you ~2x the ALPHA rewards! Alpha Homora V1 and V2 … Read more

Announcing Alpha Launchpad’s Second Incubated Project: pSTAKE

Introducing the second Alpha Launchpad project, pSTAKE! pSTAKE is a ‘Liquid Staking’ DeFi protocol that unlocks liquidity of your staked assets. Since pSTAKE is Alpha Launchpad project, Alpha Wolves community will be able to obtain pSTAKE tokens by staking ALPHA on Alpha Tokenomics, similar to the launch of Beta Finance, when pSTAKE token is live. … Read more

August Monthly Summary

Hello Alpha Wolves community! We hope that your August is going great for you, we know ours is. So without further ado let’s get started on our monthly recap. The summary will be broken down into the following sections: Binance Launchpad Project of The Year Award 2. Partnerships 3. Alpha Universe Alpha Homora AlphaX Alpha … Read more