NASDEX Partners withBand Protocol to Offer Asian-Equity Synthetic Assets

NASDEX Partners with Band Protocol to Offer Asian-Equity Synthetic Assets Band Protocol has expanded its integration partnership to support NASDEX, a new generation synthetic asset exchange that targets Asian equity markets. NASDEX will be the first to list popular Asian equities on the blockchain. Band Protocol’s high customizability and diverse data sources help secure NASDEX’s … Read more

Nervos’ L2 Polyjuice Integrates with Band Protocol to Foster dApps Ecosystem

We are excited to announce that Band Protocol and Nervos Network have completed another milestone: Band Oracle is now live on Polyjuice testnet, a layer 2 solution on top of Nervos CKB, after integrating successfully onto their layer one. This partnership is a further step in completing the shared vision of a secure and scalable … Read more

Band Protocol September 2021 Community Update

Dear Band Community, September 2021 marks a milestone for the year, not only with BandChain’s milestone of crossing over of the 10 million requests but also with the successful mainnet upgrade of BandChain Phase 2: Laozi. While last month’s focus was on the migration, we had also partnered with Boba Network and participated in MetaBUIDL, … Read more

Moonriver Bolsters its Ecosystem Scalability through Band Protocol Integration

Moonriver, the Ethereum-compatible, smart-contract parachain on Kusama with over 230M TVL, has completed the integration with Band Protocol to bring decentralized and scalable oracle infrastructure to its ecosystem. This is an important milestone to Band Protocol’s collaboration with both Moonriver and Moonbeam which is Moonriver’s companion network on Polkadot. It also marks the first of … Read more

Phase 2 Whitepaper Digest #1: Decentralized Data Market (Supply Side)

With the relaunch for BandChain Phase 2 (Laozi) coming up, we will summarize the updates in the Band Protocol architecture, technical specifications, and features introduced in the upgrade. While the whitepaper will be officially released in PDF format closer to the time of Phase 2 Mainnet launch, we wanted to take the opportunity to educate … Read more

BandChain Phase 2: How to Earn as a Premium Data Provider

BandChain Phase 2 consists of the streaming-revenue feature that allows on-chain and real-time payment for data directly to premium data providers. This opens up many new possible use cases that lead to more secure and richer data ecosystems, prompting Band Protocol to sustainably serve the maturing DeFi and cross-chain landscape. As a provider, to enable … Read more

BandChain Phase 2 (Laozi) — What’s New in Tech and Use-Cases

BandChain Phase 2 (Laozi) — What’s New in Tech and Use-Cases After successfully migrating to Laozi testnet #1 with our validator community and re-visiting how our Band Standard Dataset has rapidly grown, it is time for us to look more into what is ahead for BandChain Phase 2: Laozi and what significant developments this journey will bring … Read more