Profiting With Alpaca: Strategy 5 — Multiply Crypto Gains in a Bear Market

Profiting With Alpaca: Strategy 5 — Yield Farm Profitably in a Bear Market During a market downturn, when you use most DeFi protocols, you’re bound to notice one painful fact — you are losing money. The state of DeFi is such that 95% of protocols offer products and strategies that are long-only, meaning your LP or single-asset positions are exposed to … Read more

Alpaca Finance December Recap

December was a monumental month in expanding Alpaca Finance’s offerings with new DeFi 2.0 products. We launched two major platform features — AUSD, which can significantly improve our lenders’ capital efficiency; and the xALPACA Governance Vault, which gives loyal long-term ALPACA holders higher and more stable rewards. In addition, we made UI improvements, revamped the Grazing Range … Read more

Alpie Holder Exclusive Event — Mint a Christmas NFT

Alpie Holders Exclusive Event: Co-Creating an Alpaca Christmas NFT For OG internet users, you might remember one of the first internet phenomenon — The Million Dollar Homepage. In 2005, an indebted 21-year-old college student made a homepage with 1 million pixels, selling each pixel for $1 as ad space. It was a crazy and quirky idea, and … Read more

Alpaca Finance November Recap

Dear alpacas, We’re here again to give you an overview of everything we’ve worked on in the past month of November, a busy time which we spent continuously building and expanding our platform and brand. First, we completed our Alpies sales, generating $1.25M for ALPACA buyback & burn, and $310K for charity. We also listed … Read more

Profiting With Alpaca: Strategy 4 — Multiply Crypto Gains in a Bull Market

Profiting With Alpaca: Strategy 4 — Multiply Crypto Gains in a Bull Market Multiplying crypto gains in a bull market can be done most efficiently by levering up long positions. In the following article, we’ll show just profitable leveraged yield farming can be in such a scenario. However, in order to understand the strengths of leveraged yield … Read more

Alpaca Finance October 2021 Recap

October was a crazy month of marketing our Alpies to worldwide communities and building out the Alpies site to ensure a seamless sale. Our Dauntless Collection of 5,000 Alpies sold out on BSC at an average price of 1.42 BNB, raising 6910 BNB, where 20% will be used for ALPACA buyback & burn and 5% … Read more

CLUB721 x Alpaca Finance AMA Recap

Below is the transcript from the AMA session with Club721 and our Head of Strategy Samsara on October 17th, 2021. [Host]: Hello everyone, Welcome to another episode of Club721 AMA on Discord. This is Ming. I will be the host tonight. Thank you so much for tuning in today. This is our fourth time doing an AMA … Read more

Alpaca Finance September 2021 Recap

September was marked by continued expansion by Alpaca Finance. In major highlights, we integrated with a new major DEX (MDEX), and launched 10 new farms and 8 new Grazing Ranges. Among those, we hosted our first Long Term Grazing Range with Scientix that racked up as high as 250Mn TVL on its 2nd day of … Read more

Announcing Available Cover on Alpaca Finance Through

Dear alpacas, We’re excited to announce our second partnership with a DeFi insurance protocol — Similar to with Nexus Mutual, will give our users the option to purchase coverage for their funds deployed anywhere in Alpaca Finance, including lending, farming, the Grazing Range, and staking. is unique in that it integrates various investment products and … Read more

Alpaca Finance August Recap

Alpaca Finance achieved some of its biggest milestones in August. Our governance token, ALPACA, was listed on Binance Exchange, the largest exchange in the world. We also became the #2 DeFi protocol across all chains in terms of 30-day smart contract volume, second only to UniSwap. As an established protocol, we successfully partnered with Nexus … Read more