Moonpot x Beefy Finance

The win-win lottery on Binance Smart Chain It’s been a long time in the making, and we are now pleased to announce the imminent launch of, powered by Beefy Finance. Moonpot has been built by Beefy devs, with the support of new partners and new team members. As with everything we do at Beefy, the safety … Read more

What is wrapped bitcoin?

WBTC — renBTC | What are their differences? Did you know that “pure” BTC only exists on the Bitcoin blockchain? Yeah, that token that you exchange in 1inch is not the real BTC, but don’t be scared. It is as valuable as the real one… There are many ways to have a version of BTC on other blockchains (including … Read more

Beefy x Sushi AMA — Recap

Beefy x Sushi AMA — Recap SushiSwap’s Omakase dropped by’s Telegram group for an Ask Me Anything session with Beefy’s community. A huge thanks goes out to Omakase for taking the time to answer questions and giving a chance to our cowmoonity to get such thorough and in-depth answers as well as insight. Through the duration of … Read more

BeefSUSHI Week

To celebrate the BIFI-USDC pair being added to SushiSwaps Onsen program, we’re running a whole week of AMAs and NFT Giveaways with Sushi and our Polygon ecosystem partners. Wait, there’s a new farm? Yes, last week the Sushi team added a BIFI-USDC pair to their Onsen program, paying out daily rewards to those who provide liquidity. … Read more

Beefy’s Sushi Partnership

A multichain match made in heaven Beefy’s multichain journey is going from strength to strength. After last weeks announcements with Pangolin on Avalanche, we’re now happy to announce that we are working directly with SushiSwap to bring you the best yields on Polygon. To celebrate this partnership, we’re currently running our BeefSUSHI week with AMAs and token … Read more

Beefy’s Pangolin Partnership

The largest DeFi project on Avalanche Beefy’s multichain journey continues with a new partnership on Avalanche. Pangolin was launched in February 2021 on the Avalanche Network and incubated by AvaLabs, with the vision of it being a community run project. It grew to become the largest DeFi project on Avalanche network, peaking at over 300 … Read more

Beefy’s Iron Partnership

Partial-collateralized stablecoins are so hot right now Wait. What is a Partial-collateralized stablecoin? We’ll get to that. But first we want to talk about our growing multi-chain partnership with Iron.Finance. We also want to remind you, that as part of our Binance Smart Chain #BeefCAKE Week, we’ll be hosting Iron Star, from the Iron team, at … Read more