$1 Million Bancor 3 Bug Bounty & Code Release

As the launch of Bancor 3 approaches, we’re excited to release the Bancor 3 code and announce the start of the Bancor 3 Bug Bounty Program! The security of Bancor is paramount and the Bug Bounty aims to incentivize responsible disclosures of any bugs in the new contracts. Rewards are allocated based on the severity … Read more

Nexus Mutual Joins 30+ DAOs Adopting Bancor’s DAO Treasury Management Solution

Protocol Yield Uniquely Protected by Bancor Single-Sided Staking Nexus Mutual DAO will execute the single largest treasury deposit on Bancor this week Bancor is emerging as the preferred DAO Treasury Management solution for DAOs seeking to build sustainable decentralized liquidity in their native token. The protocol’s automated Single-Sided Staking system lets DAOs provide liquidity and … Read more

“Healthy Liquidity” : Why is it important for DAO Treasury Management

With DAOs gaining in popularity, there are growing questions around how they can effectively manage their balance sheet while building healthy and sustainable liquidity in their native token. A strategy employed by DeFi protocols to build liquidity in their tokens is to add “liquidity mining” rewards to their pools as an additional incentive for users … Read more

Bancor Drops Condom NFTs “DEXLoverz” on Valentine’s Day

The First 1.5K NFT Collection on Polygon to Highlight Impermanent Loss Protection Bancor today announced it is dropping its first NFT collection, “DEXLoverz” Condom NFTs, to highlight Impermanent Loss Protection on Valentine’s Day. Minted on Polygon, the collection features 1,500 Condom NFTs with varying levels of rare attributes. Recipients of DEXLoverz include: The condom NFTs, … Read more

Introducing Bancor 3

Launched in June 2017, Bancor was the first-ever DeFi protocol and the inventor of automated market makers or “AMMs” on the blockchain. Since then, AMM pools have evolved into a core building block of decentralized finance, attracting over $30 billion in staked funds across numerous blockchains. The innovation of “community-sourced liquidity” powered by AMMs cannot … Read more