BadgerDAO Integrates Chainlink Price Feed to Secure DIGG’s Rebasing Function

Badgers never stop $DIGG’ing into new levels of Bitcoin-native DeFi. We are excited to announce that we have integrated Chainlink on mainnet to secure our elastic supply token DIGG. Utilizing Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle solution, we can provide holders with strong guarantees that each DIGG token will accurately track the price of Bitcoin, even during … Read more

BadgerDAO Partners with Fireblocks to Bring Institutional Bitcoin to DeFi Badger has one mission; bring BTC to DeFi Today the total value locked in DeFi has reached $52B, but many would argue that institutional capital hasn’t arrived yet. Interacting with DeFi brings a variety of regulatory and operational challenges that make it difficult for institutions to participate. On the other hand we’ve seen a massive … Read more

Announcing the $CLAWS Token Design Contest

Many in the community have been asking, #WenCLAWS. Well the answer is soon and we need your help! In partnership with our good friends at UMA protocol, the Badger team is launching a token design contest to help determine what our new “collateralized asset” will look like. What’s at stake?: 1st Prize: $500 in $BADGER tokens and … Read more

Setting the Standard with ibBTC

The “DeFi Benchmark” Bitcoin Interest Rate Building ibBTC with DeFiDollar Hey Badgers, Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a widely used interest bearing tokenized Bitcoin for DeFi? Liquidity of tokenized BTC on Ethereum is spread across different flavors — namely: wBTC, renBTC, tBTC & sBTC. The Vision behind ibBTC is to bundle these “flavors” together and build a … Read more

Badger to Launch NFT-Themed Spaceships with the Cometh DeFi Gaming Platform

Badger to Launch NFT Spaceships with the Cometh DeFi Gaming Platform Badger partners with Cometh, a DeFi gaming platform Hello Badgers, A common Badger catchphrase is “Never stop building.” And it rings true now more than ever. In partnership with DeFi powered gaming platform Cometh, we are launching a new collection consisting of four unique Badger-themed NFT … Read more

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Sett Vaults on BSC

Hello Badgers, Badger is the trusted place to put your Bitcoin to work- on all chains. The Badger DAO expands on this vision every day, with the influx of new builders, ambassadors, and an incubation program to fund and foster emerging Bitcoin-DeFi products. Bitcoin Across Chains Ethereum has been the birthplace of many DeFi projects that … Read more

Badger x Meme NFT Honeypot part II: Diamond Hands

Honeypot Part 2 Diamond Hands Created and Designed by Jon Tompkins Tl;dr: A new game from BadgerDAO and MEME. Anyone can play, those with the strongest hands win. BadgerDAO has always been about games. After all, Bitcoin itself is a massive money game with different participants locked in a never ending battle to secure and drive the … Read more

Badger Sponsors Gitcoin Grants Round 9

GR9: $500,000 in Matching Pool, More than $150,000 in Hackathon Prizes. Gitcoin Hello Badgers, When BadgerDAO announced its partnership with Gitcoin back in October 2020, we were simultaneously recognizing a shared vision. Grow open source. Grow the community. Gitcoin Grants Round 9 started March 10th, and will last until the end of the month. With a total … Read more