New Vaults (MDEX BSC)

New Vaults (MDEX BSC) Autofarm is proud to present 8 new vaults using the MDEX (BSC)! MDEX vaults are now live and multiplying yields automatically and will earn AUTO tokens based on the allocated AUTO multipliers to the particular vault. Learn more about AUTO multipliers over here! Vaults MDEX (BSC) MDEX recently integrated with Binance Smart Chain … Read more

New Vaults (QuickSwap, SushiSwap & ComethSwap)

Autofarm’s launch on Polygon has been met with much success. 3 days since we launch, our Polygon vaults have already accumulated $17.46m in Total Value Locked (TVL). Autofarm has also gathered much support from the three major Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) on Polygon (previously Matic), namely, SushiSwap, QuickSwap and ComethSwap. Cross-chain AUTO Token Currently, QuickSwap & ComethSwap … Read more

Earn Matic on Autofarm Vaults

Autofarm x Polygon Autofarm is thankful for the partnership with Polygon (previously Matic Network) and the 250,000 MATIC tokens (~$480,000) which were allocated to Autofarm for launching on Polygon. As promised, selected vaults will start earning MATIC tokens today. Earn Double Rewards The following vaults have been carefully chosen and will earn double rewards (pAUTO and MATIC tokens): QuickSwap … Read more

Autofarm x Ozys Team (Partnership)

Autofarm partners with Ozys Team Autofarm is bringing our partnership with Belt Finance to the next level! This time we are excited to announce our partnership with the team behind Belt Finance and many other projects — Ozys. Ozys is a company spearheading blockchain development in South Korea, working tirelessly to create unity in the fragmented and dissociated … Read more

Autofarm x Polygon Vaults are Live

We are excited to announce that Polygon is now fully supported on Autofarm, marking the 3rd blockchain to be integrated on our yield-optimising protocol in addition to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO chain (HECO)! The integration with Polygon was first revealed in our partnership announcement, along with the promise of new vaults and liquidity … Read more

New Vaults (Wault Finance & PancakeSwap)

New Vaults (Wault & PancakeSwap Great news Autofarmers! We’ve launched new vaults from Wault Finance and PancakeSwap! 17 new vaults from Wault Finance and PancakeSwap are now being auto-compounded for the best APYs in town! Vaults Wault Finance Wault Finance is a decentralised finance hub currently boasting over $800m in TVL. The protocol aims to connect … Read more

Single Auto Vaults & Revised Tokenomics

AUTO galore! The highly-anticipated single AUTO token vault is going live on Autofarm on the 19th of May at 8pm GMT+8. Users will be able to stake AUTO to earn more AUTO! We are pleased to be introducing single token AUTO vaults alongside a revision of the current AUTO tokenomics — thoughtfully crafted to best benefit investors and … Read more

Polygon Integration Coming to Autofarm soon!

Autofarm x Polygon We are thrilled to announce that Autofarm will soon be supporting Polygon in addition to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO chain (HECO), as its 3rd blockchain! Famously shouted out by billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, Polygon (previously Matic) is an Ethereum scaling solution that connects Ethereum-compatible blockchains with the promise of lower … Read more

21 April 2021 — Venus Vaults Post-Mortem

21 April 2021 — Venus Vaults Post-Mortem When things go south, it is easy to point fingers and blame other projects for causing the issue. Autofarm does not believe in such behaviour, and we always encourage our team and moderators alike to be neutral, courteous and respectful to other projects at all times. In the following segments, … Read more