Autofarm is Now Integrated with Avalanche!

Good day, Autofarmers! We are excited to share that the Autofarm platform has launched on Avalanche, with the lowest fees as a yield aggregator on the market! This means even more new farms from the Avalanche ecosystem will enjoy the same compounding strategy which users have been enjoying on the other chains. Autofarm’s integration with Avalanche … Read more

New Vaults (Alpaca Finance BSC)

New Vaults (Alpaca Finance BSC) We have heard feedback from the community that you all wanted to see more single token vaults on the #Autofarm platform. And today, we present you with 7 new auto-compounding vaults from Alpaca Finance. A quick TLDR on Alpaca, it is a leveraged yield farming protocol that has been heavily audited by … Read more

New Vaults (SushiSwap, JetSwap, PolyQuity Polygon)

Brace yourselves, Autofarmers! Autofarm is rolling out 19 new Polygon vaults from the likes of SushiSwap, JetSwap and PolyQuity! Vaults are now live on Autofarm and auto-compounding assets to maximise yield at the lowest rates. Polygon, the Ethereum scaling solution, has been growing rapidly owing to its promise of faster transactions at the fraction of Ethereum … Read more

AutoFarm Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds Into Its Cross-Chain Yield and DEX Aggregator

AutoFarm is pleased to announce the integration of Chainlink Price Feeds into our cross-chain yield and DEX aggregation protocol! Starting with support for BNB/USD and AUTO/USD Price Feeds, with more price pairs to be added shortly, Chainlink’s industry-standard oracle networks provide accurate, up-to-date, and tamper-proof prices on various assets used within our platform. Our users … Read more

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC)

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC) We know you guys love the farms from PancakeSwap, so the team worked hard over the previous week to bring a total of 34 of such farms as vaults to our platform! What’s not to love with the vaults from Autofarm with these: ✅ best auto-compounding strategies✅ lowest fees ✅ earn AUTO … Read more

Vote on Autofarm’s First Governance Proposal!

Calling all AUTO stakers! Autofarm is proud to unveil our governance voting system — the latest protocol development that takes us one step closer towards becoming a truly decentralised protocol. You heard that right. Following the launch of the single AUTO vault, we are excited to be making significant progress in empowering stakeholders and the community with … Read more

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC)

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC) Autofarm is thrilled to be bringing new PancakeSwap vaults to our platform! Users can now experience the best auto-compounding strategies at the lowest fees to earn the highest yields possible on 7 fresh new PCS v2 vaults. Vaults PancakeSwap (BSC) PancakeSwap is no stranger to Autofarm. As one of the earliest supported … Read more

New Vaults (bZx Polygon)

New Vaults (bZx Polygon) Autofarm is adding yet another round of vaults from bZx, and this time from Polygon! Like Autofarm, Polygon is the third blockchain that bZx has launched on, catering to an even wider category of DeFi users and investors. Vaults bZx (Fulcrum) bZx is a cross-chain open finance protocol that comprises two main … Read more

New Vaults (Belt HECO)

New Vaults (Belt HECO) Autofarm is excited to be bringing users more auto-compounded vaults from Belt Finance on Huobi ECO chain (HECO)! As strategic partners, Autofarm and Belt Finance are committed to furthering both ecosystems together through our collaborative relationship, bringing value to users of both platforms. The addition of these 5 new vaults brings the … Read more

New Vaults (Wault Polygon)

Autofarm x WSwap Following our previous vaults launch with our partners, Wault Finance on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Autofarm is taking a step further with the partnership and launching Wault Finance vaults on Polygon (previously Matic Network) 🙌 Vaults Wault Finance (Polygon) Wault Finance is a decentralised finance hub that is available on both Binance Smart Chain … Read more