GameXChange x ApeSwap

The Future of GameFi You will never believe it, we have ANOTHER exciting partnership for you 🐵 It is my pleasure to introduce you to: GameXChange! (previously Tap Project) Game X Change is a gaming platform where users can convert and transfer in-game currencies and NFTs from one platform, game or blockchain to another! These folks are … Read more

Ferrum x ApeSwap

Empowering DeFi Projects 🤝 Apes of the Jungle! I hope you came hungry, because the news we are about to serve up is going to be delicious. 🙊 Here at ApeSwap it has become clear to us that you are virtually obsessed with all things innovative and exciting — well, we are too! So, we are very proud … Read more


We’ve updated the ApeSwap Homepage 🧑‍💻 Without further ado, welcome home Apes! 🏡🌴 Now you can find the latest and greatest about ApeSwap in the same place that you stake in farms, pools, and vaults with the addition of the #WenNewsSer announcement column! 📰 We also have a brand new homepage banner, and ‘Hot Farms’ + ‘Cool … Read more

August Round-Up

#HotDeFiSummer Concludes 😎 It’s been another crazy month in the Jungle! From the IAO 007 with Dragonary to the launch of our Auto Compounding Burning Vaults, we could never have predicted a better end to ApeSwap’s #HotDeFiSummer. Full August recap and links below! The Final Month Dragonary IAO 007 — We started off the month with an absolute bang … Read more

CEEK x ApeSwap

VR Metaverse coming to the ApeSwap Jungle 💻👾 Apes, have you ever wanted to attend a live concert without ever leaving the safety of your own treehouse? Well, now you can! CEEK is the #1 platform for VR concerts and live sporting events. What is CEEK? One of the main goals of CEEK is to bring fans and … Read more

Lossless x ApeSwap

Helping keep DeFi safe for all ♥ At ApeSwap we have a deep desire to ensure a SAFU environment for everyone in the Jungle 🌴 We have always taken a slow and steady approach when it comes to development in order to allow for multiple third-party audits, community feedback, as well as trial and error before fully … Read more

ApeSwap x Polar Sync ❄

Back-end data services for the Jungle 🌴💿 Polar Sync provides solutions for on-chain data analysis, in real time. This allows ApeSwap to provide all of the data in our info page to Apes as it happens! At a basic level this means that they provide support to ApeSwap’s infrastructure on the backend so that all of … Read more

ApeSwap x REVV Motorsport

REVV is Gearing Up to Join the ApeSwap Jungle 🏁 REVV Motorsport is a play-to-earn gaming and NFT ecosystem based on Ethereum, encompassing some of the most popular performance motorsports IP in the world. Through REVV’s ecosystem of various games and DeFi experiences, users get exclusive access to unique NFTs and play-to-earn opportunities from some of … Read more

ApeSwap x Babylons

A Community Owned NFT Marketplace Apes, please welcome to the ApeSwap Jungle! 🐵🌴 Babylons is the first community-owned NFT marketplace for gaming and art communities to create, participate, collect and earn — all in one place. Babylons officially launches Wednesday, August 18th at 22:00 UTC, exclusively on ApeSwap! 🚀 What is Babylons? Babylons is a next-generation NFT marketplace … Read more