What’s Next For the ApeSwap DEX

Improved UX, New Features, More Ways to Trade ApeSwap’s DEX is the core product of our DeFi Hub, so we spend a significant amount of time and effort developing ideas that help progress the DEX towards a more sustainable future. Specifically, DEX sustainability has three core components: providing the best user experience, finding ways to boost … Read more

Governance Prop 19: A Plan to Impact Inflation By Controlling Excess Emissions

Although the entire cryptocurrency space is facing unprecedented market volatility, ApeSwap continues to hold a duty to our community to keep building for the greater good. Part of those efforts include ensuring sustainable growth for BANANA, the DAO’s utility token. While ApeSwap has built and maintained several features to push BANANA towards a more sustainable model, … Read more

ApeSwap Integrates Chainlink Keepers To Help Decentralize the Automation of Its DeFi Platform

We’re excited to announce that ApeSwap has integrated Chainlink Keepers on BNB Chain mainnet. We are leveraging Chainlink Keepers to help automatically compound vault rewards in a highly secure and cost-efficient manner. As a result, we are able to enhance the decentralization and reliability of our DeFi platform. We decided to integrate Keepers to help … Read more

ApeSwap Joins Brave Wallet to Drive DeFi Adoption

One of the core challenges of driving decentralized finance (DeFi) forward is guiding new adopters through the process. The core strength of DeFi lies in the user base, and those who believe in a future where the many — not the few — determine the future of our personal wealth. Without a basic knowledge about cryptocurrency and digital tokens, … Read more

Introducing Jungle Bills: Driving Long-Term Value Alongside Partners

The success of ApeSwap’s Treasury Bills — the utility-driven, yield-bearing NFT product– took the decentralized finance world by storm. Throughout the initial product launch, our protocol proved to the community there was not only long-term value by combining art with a simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT), but that communities want the opportunity to support their favorite … Read more

Introducing BANANA Maximizer Vaults: A Robo-Manager for Your Liquidity

Over the past year, one of the most requested utilities for the BANANA token is a way to continually gain interest without the need to manage resources on a daily basis. Other platforms offer ways for users to re-stake rewards without human intervention — why can’t this apply to ApeSwap’s offerings? We’ve heard the community, and the … Read more

Welcome Torus Wallet to the ApeSwap Protocol

One of the cornerstones of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance is anonymity. Through being able to choose who we give our personally-identifiable information to, we can claim independence through protecting our identities and selecting the products or services which fit our lifestyles. ApeSwap fully embraces this approach, which is why we never ask Apes for their … Read more

Treasury Bills: An ApeSwap Community Success Story (With More to Come)

Inside ApeSwap HQ, there was apprehension and curiosity about the launch of our new Treasury Bills product. Would the launch be successful? Will the community see the value proposition and utility of the NFT? Those questions were answered in the opening moments of launch, when the Treasury Bills sold out nearly immediately after they dropped. Our … Read more

ApeSwap Acquires Unitrade, Converting TRADE Holders to BANANA holders

The ApeSwap community will soon welcome TRADE token holders into our ecosystem. With the successful passage of Governance Proposition 18, the ApeSwap community has agreed to aid Unitrade with their protocol sunset, and integrate token holders into the ApeSwap protocol. Although both BANANA and TRADE token holders are sure to have questions, we are here … Read more

ApeSwap Introduces Treasury Bills

ApeSwap Introduces Treasury Bills 💰 The first yield generating NFT product on BNB Chain ApeSwap has created a new way for users to be a part of the long-term growth of the platform and for crypto projects to raise funds for their treasuries. These innovative yield-generating NFT products are called Treasury Bills, and they are designed to … Read more