Alchemix cinematic ad campaign

Alchemix Finance Just now·4 min read The launch of the Alchemix Self-Repaying Loans product signified a major innovation within DeFi. In order to mirror the break-away from conventional DeFi products we had a keen desire to do something similar within the crypto advertising space. Before and after of one of the key scenes within the … Read more

Alchemix Roadmap

Alchemix Finance Just now·8 min read It seems like forever since our explosive launch in February when we invented the world’s first Self-Repaying Loans – well, this is DeFi! We’ve been blessed with a devoted community of DeFi gigabrains and degens alike. Whilst we’ve brought true innovation to the space, we can understand that our … Read more

Alchemix Integrates Chainlink Keepers for Vault Harvesting and Launches new price feeds for DeFi

Alchemix Finance Just now·5 min read As you may know, Alchemix brings a completely new financial primitive to DeFi and expands the utility of existing yield-earning dApps like Yearn. We’re excited to announce that the exciting services provided by Alchemix just got even better through a new integration with Chainlink Keepers that automates the entire … Read more

Saddle Finance alETH Pool is Live!

Today, Alchemix’s alETH has been added to Saddle Finance, a solidity implementation of the stableswap protocol from Curve. AlchemixFinance Just now·3 min read Why Saddle? For those wondering why Saddle over Curve, while we initially thought we could get on Curve, their team notified us that there is a conflict of interest since our current … Read more

Behold! alETH!

AlchemixFinance Just now·2 min read DeFi just got a serious upgrade. We are thrilled to finally release the savior of France, breaker of chains, the unburnt, mother of dragons: alETH. The excitement is palpable, to say the least. Now you can save your ETH and unleash additional power from it at the same time. Let’s … Read more

[Bullish] Alchemix contracts are now under continuous audit with Runtime Verification

AlchemixFinance Just now·2 min read Traditional finance is run on inefficient, decades-old systems that are prone to daily breakages, and are littered with middle-men, whose clientele can never be 100% certain if they are engaging in the same risk-averse or risk-neutral behaviour that they advertise. DeFi protocols are built from open-source software, and operate on … Read more

Alchemix Farm Migration Post Mortem and alETH Update

AlchemixFinance Just now·2 min read A few hours after the Alchemix team executed the migration of ALCX farming rewards to the brand new MasterChefV2 contract by SushiSwap, we were notified of a bug by a community member. MasterChefV2 uses the ALCXRewarder contract to distribute ALCX rewards to LP stakers. A bug in the ALCXRewarder miscalculated … Read more

Farm Migrations: How To

AlchemixFinance Just now·3 min read On June 2, Alchemix will have migrated their farming rewards for the ETH/ALCX SLP and alUSD3CRV LP tokens. This article will serve as a visual guide in the process. ETH/ALCX SLP: On, navigate to the Retired Farms section and select the ALCX/ETH SLP pool. Then select “Exit: Claim & … Read more

Alchemists have nothing to fear, not even the bear

AlchemixFinance Just now·2 min read The crypto community have been rocked by the recent price crash that wiped over 50% off the value from Bitcoin and Ethereum’s recent all time highs. By May 19th $662 million in loans in DeFi had been liquidated in the previous 24hrs. Whilst the negative effects of the crash were … Read more