Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

I hate spammers as much as you do. I hate the spam they send and the fact that they have subjected a legitimate and useful communication medium – email – to legalistic requirements such as this privacy policy page.

If you send me an email, it gets remembered by email program (PocoMail!). I may send you something back – possibly months later if something apropos to your original email comes up.

In rare instances I might contact you by email if you leave a comment on the blog if it warrants a private response. Wordpress stores the email addresses you put in comment boxes. Is this disturbs or frightens you, use a throwaway email address.

I do not have an email newsletter, and I don’t sell contact information to those who do.

I use StatCounter to track web statistics for this site. See the StatCounter site for what information it tracks.

Cookies happen. Deal with it.

Future Privacy Policy/Advertising

Should this site become popular, I will add tasteful advertising to it. I hate popups and coverup ads almost as much as I hate spam. Google ads are a likely addition. See Google’s privacy policies here. You can find out how to stop Google from tracking you as you go between sites which host their ads if you find the arrangement distasteful. Appearance of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement of the product or service. Do your own due diligence. That said, I will consider blocking advertisers that seem truly evil; contact me if you see such popping up. But there are no guarantees here.


I am not a professional financial advisor and do not claim to be one. I will at times point out possible investment opportunities, but these are invitations to do your own research, not vetted advice. I have hit some major home runs with investments; my very first stock purchase went up by a factor of ten in less than a year. I also anticipated the housing crash and waited until after the crash to buy my first house. Were I a sleazy investment letter writer I could emphasize such picks. But I have also made some boneheaded moves, including holding onto that first stock as it came down to earth. I also missed the original housing boom by being overly conservative in that area. Be wary. Think for yourself.