About the Author…and the Site

Carl Milsted, Jr. PhD is a theoretical physicist by training with a strong aversion to filling out forms and working on the clock. This aversion led to a quarter century stint as a member of the Libertarian Party culminating with a massive effort to make it less radical and more relevant. In the process of trying to broaden the base, he eventually ended up listening to the liberals who objected to his small government ideas for reasons of freedom(!) A small government society dominated by a few mega corporations as in Robocop, Dark Angel, Alien, Rollerball, and similar movies is no utopia for freedom lovers. Big corporations can be as bureaucratic and autocratic as the government.

He also noticed that many of the “socialists” he talked to while promoting the Libertarian Party in the hippie capital of the East (Asheville, NC) were business owners. Their ideal wasn’t the “state capitalism” of Soviet Russia, it was more like the Jeffersonian ideal of small farms and businesses albeit with a generous safety net thrown in. This has begun to seem pretty good to the author.

But he still hates filling out government forms, so you will find plenty of ideas for getting rid of needless red tape. Unlike too many libertarian sites, this site is cool with keeping the truly useful red tape. Very unlike most libertarian sites, order of operations is important here. Financial freedom is just as important as freedom from meddlesome government forms. The emphasis is on making it easier to start a business for those who want to be their own boss, and making it easier to change jobs for those who simply want a better boss. And yes, having a safety net is part of the program. It makes risk taking feasible for those with families to take care of among other good things.