This Week: Community Vote on August 1

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Also: Matthew Roszak talks bear-market strategies with The Block, Vesper-on-Avalanche added to DeBank

Coming Soon: Voting on VIPs

On August 1, two important proposals are slated for community voting. All vVSP token holders are encouraged to review the proposals on the governance forum and cast their votes via Snapshot.

The first proposal covers Vesper’s new revenue share framework.

The second proposal covers whitelisting of misc. tokens, which would allow Vesper to add up to 15 new tokens as deposit assets on the platform.

Discussions are still live on Vesper’s governance forum and in the #governance channel on Discord. Input is highly appreciated and encouraged!


Bear-Market Strategy, Building, and More

ICYMI: Co-founder Matthew Roszak joined Mika Honkaslo, Graham Nelson, and George Calle to chat about DeFi’s resilience despite market volatility and other stress-testing factors.

During the webinar, Matthew highlighted important issues that need to be resolved for crypto to reach greater adoption.

Watch the webinar.

And, Finally…

Vesper’s Avalanche pools can now be tracked on DeBank, a multi-chain portfolio tracker!

Supported assets on Vesper-on-Avalanche include AVAX, DAI, USDC (native and bridged), WBTC, WETH, and QI.

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