Weekly Highlights from Robi! | June 20– July 3

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Hello, Biswappers!
Thank you for one more week with us!

Let’s have a look at all the amazing moments of this week!

TOP Double Launchpool | Stake BSW — Earn BSW & BTCB

No way! One more Double Launchpool!



💵Stake BSW
💵Earn BSW & BTCB

📍Stake up to 1 500 BSW
📍500+ BSW in the Holder Pool to join
📍30 days ONLY

Become BSW Holder & enjoy special offers with high APYs!

Biswap Ecosystem Update | Stellar Development in DeFi Space!

Biswap keeps expanding its horizons!
Here are collaborations of this month:

🌟 Ultiverse
🌟 Unicrypt
🌟 BitKeep

More info about Biswap’s growth:

Earn crypto experiencing new integrations!

‘Siri Wonders’ | Join in Biswap Telegram Chat

Enjoy different questions 3 times a week in Biswap TG Chat:

📆 When: Mon, Wed, Fri
📍 Where: https://t.me/biswap

💬 Expect a question from Account Manager Siri
💬 Provide your answer & become a part of the discussion
💬 Increase your chances of becoming the Top Monthly Active User

The debut question Siri wonders about is:
How did you come across Biswap

Blow up the chat with your activity, it won’t be unnoticed!

11 000 000+ BSW Staked in Holder Pool | Start Passive BSW Income

Have you staked your BSW?
Biswappers do not waste time and look what number we have reached in the pool:

🔥11 000 000+ BSW staked!

Now is your turn!
Stake BSW in the Holder Pool & get:

⚡️Passive income in BSW
⚡️Access to IDO & NFT Launchpad
⚡️12%-20% from Swap Referral Program
⚡️And more lucrative features

Invest in BSW Holder Pool & break all the earning limits!

$100 in ALPACA for Special Topic! | Fresh Offer for Space Agents!

Biswap x Alpaca Finance initiative!

Create exclusive content & claim a reward!

💰Prize: $100 in ALPACA
🦙Topic: Biswap & Alpaca Collaboration Review.
High Yields on Alpaca via Biswap Liquidity.

Meet all the terms and take these steps:

🌿Fill out the Participation Form to join
🌿Share the content via the Submission Form

Check out updated conditions:
📍Your content must contain CTA — Join Biswap Social Media and Local Communities
📍You must mention SAP in your content

Click here for more details:

Set free your potential & earn big with Biswap!

Space Agents July Relaunch | Renewed Topics for Spacewalk!

All Agents gather around! New Topics have arrived!

⏰ Dates: Jul 1 — Aug 1 (02:00 PM UTC)
💰 Pool: $10 000 in BSW
👨‍🚀 Winners: 10 Agents


Biswap DEX
➖Biswap Review. Unique Multi-type Referral Program.
➖Passive income on Biswap. Double Launchpools & Fixed Staking.
➖Space Agents Program for bloggers. Peculiarities of the program.

Biswap NFT Direction
➖Marketplace review. All marketplace updates.

$100 in ALPACA Extra Reward

Biswap & Alpaca Collaboration Review. High Yields on Alpaca via Biswap Liquidity.

📍Fill out the Participation Form to join
📍Share the content via the Submission Form

Conditions Update:
❗️Your content must contain CTA — Join Biswap Social Media and Local Communities
❗️You must mention SAP in your content

More details here:

BSW is up for grabs if you create content about Biswap!

Sticker Competition Winners | Glorious 5 000 BSW are Shared!

Champions got their rewards:

💎Total winners: 25
💰Total Prize Pool: 5 000 BSW
3 000 BSW for 15 winners on TG Chat
2 000 BSW for 10 winners on Twitter

Congrats to the lucky artists:

Take a look at the stickers:

New opportunities are super close.
📣Stay tuned!

Biswap Community Stickers Pack is Created | Keep on Making Arts!

Our bright Sticker Competition is over.
But your creativity has no end!

⚡️Keep on designing Biswap stickers
⚡️Send illustration to TG chat
⚡️Use #BiswapStickers to be noticed

Monthly, the best works will be:

💎Presented in Creative Biswappers Category on Zendesk
💎Added to the Biswap Community Stickers pack

Biswap is waiting for your masterpieces!

Binance 5th Anniversary | Congratulations from Biswap!

🎊Biswap wishes a Happy Birthday to the top CEX in the crypto industry and our strategic partner — Binance!

You set a great example for us and many other projects to follow.

Celebrate our strategic partner’s birthday:

🎶 $2K in BNB for Creating a Binance Song
🎂 $2K in BNB for Baking a Binance Cake
🥳 $100 in BNB & 1–1 call with CZ for Draw a Party Hat for CZ


💰 100K BUSD for Auto-Invest Giveaway
💸 10K BUSD for Trade on Binance P2P


Participate and send b-day wishes to Binance!

CertiK Spotted Biswap | Check out Our Security Score

We’re one of the most-watched projects, according to CertiK!

Statistics based on CertiK Audit of Biswap:

⭐️ 82 / 100 Security Score
⭐️ 84 / 100 Skynet Trust Score
⭐️ 95 / 100 Market & Community Score

📍Quick Reminder: Use only audited products!
📝Some notes to bear in mind:

– Never make a digital copy of your crypto details
– Change your password regularly
– Always enable 2-factor authentication

Learn more about Safety Importance:

Trust the best! Stay safe with Biswap DEX!

53rd Sharing Season Report!​​ | $1 060 in BSW for Champions!

🦸17 175 total participants
📩8 598 #biswap_earn tweets
📩8 577 #biswap_exchange tweets


More details in Biswap docs:

Get ready for the new lucrative Biswap events & features!
They are coming soon and will raise your assets to the moon!

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