This Week In DeFi – July 1

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To the DeFi community,

This week, crypto exchange FTX is reportedly looking to acquire centralized lending platform BlockFi for a sum between $25 million and $50 million. Sources believe the deal is expected to complete by the end of this week, however BlockFi CEO Zac Prince has denied the $25 million figure and FTX has refused to comment on the deal.  FTX had already recently provided the distressed company with a $250 million loan to keep it afloat.

Code has been released for Compound III, a new and improved multi-chain version of the Compound lending protocol. There are several major changes in Compound III when compared to previous versions of the platform, including a single interest-earning base asset with all other assets collateralized. The platform is designed to be portable to all Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible chains.

ConsenSys has partnered with StarkWare, the company behind Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution StarkNet. ConsenSys intends to integrate StarkNet into its products MetaMask and Infura – the well-known web3 wallet and infrastructure service. StarkNet is a ZK-rollup platform which increases transaction throughput and decreases transaction costs. The MetaMask integration is already open to developers for building and testing.

Ethereum Layer 2 scaling platform Arbirtum has paused its “Odyssey” introduction program, after transaction fees on the platform spiked past those of the main Ethereum chain (oops!). The overall transaction load surged as users flooded Arbitrum to claim reward NFTs for completing tasks on the network. The development team says that Odyssey will resume once throttle limits are removed from the network – expected soon with the release of an update called Nitro.

The rebuilding phase appears to be taking place before the destruction has even subsided, as industry giants sweep in to pick up the pieces of centralized crypto lending platforms in hopes of turning them around. FTX appears to be closing in on acquiring a distressed BlockFi after passing on Celsius, while Celsius also reportedly had interest from Goldman Sachs. The centralized lending space isn’t the only area seeing this action, with DeFi lending platforms also on the move, development-wise; Compound Finance is going multi-chain with its new Compound III protocol, while Maker continues to explore new territory by going into Treasury bills.


Layer-2 scaling is moving quickly too, with a flurry of activity that has flown somewhat under the radar; Arbitrum with its (temporarily paused) Odyssey program, Optimism doubling its total value locked (TVL) and StarkWare partnering with ConsenSys. These platforms are sending Ethereum scaling full-speed into real-world testing on mainnet, which will eventually result in a brand new DeFi user experience – faster, cheaper and more usable than ever. Combined with new and improved DeFi protocols, we may be in for an exciting new wave of DeFi just a matter of months down the road.

Market prices may be down, poorly-designed protocols may be falling apart, but DeFi is bouncing back – and it may be better than ever.

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Total Value Locked$40.14B (up 1.6% since last week)

DeFi Market Cap$36.0B (down 6.3%)

DEX Weekly Volume$12B (down 37%)

DAI Supply: 6.32B (down 0.2%)

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