A Guide To Public Goods for New Web3 Devs

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All the open-source resources Web3 developers could dream of in one place.

As we enter what we call a “builder’s market,” it’s important to provide access to all the tools developers will need to deliver new dApps (decentralized applications) and a transformed user experience for millions (and hopefully billions) of Web3 newcomers in the near future.

Web3 is a beautiful place to build and experiment with thousands of free resources to help you create your passion. Whatever you are getting serious about building, there are a variety of resources available to help you on your journey.

This article can serve as your reference point for the best public goods in Web3 and where to find them.

What Is Considered a Public Good In Web3?

Web3 Public goods — a very Solarpunk idea, is it not? Source: Dear Alice.

Public goods are part and parcel of Web3. They provide balance with free resources but can also provide means of compensation for those who give their labor and energy to building on the decentralized web. Even blockchains themselves can be thought of as public goods. But the term “public goods” is much older than Web3. You may remember it if you’ve taken classes in economics — but here, there’s a slightly different spin on things.

The traditional definition:


“A commodity or service that is provided without profit to all members of a society, either by the government or a private individual or organization.”

A more Web3 definition from a16z:

“The classic challenge of decentralized networks is that they are public goods. Without a central entity to control decisions and capture profits, it is hard to incentivize their maintenance and development. Crypto helps solve this problem through decentralized coordination and providing economic incentives for development. Web3 will put power in the hands of communities rather than corporations.”

Public goods have a few things in common:

  • Free to use
  • Open-source code
  • Non-competitive (win-win) (🧱,🚀) (💎,💎) (🌕,🌕), etc.

A Public Goods Directory for Building On Web3

Public goods arm Web3 developers with hundreds of free tools they can use they can use to build anything they want from DAOs, to Web3 games, to DeFi protocols, and so much more. There are free tools for nearly everything in Web3 — the list below can be your start-to-finish guide on creating your debut project:

Learning the Ropes (and far beyond)

There are hundreds of free resources for learning Web3. Here are a few — if you have more, please leave them in the comments for us to add!

Know Python & JavaScript? You Can Develop on Web3!

Getting Project Funding

Whatever you are trying to build, chances are there is a grant available for you. The trick with grant applications is choosing the one that seems tailor-made for what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if you wanted to build a privacy-based dApp, apply for grants from the big projects in the space like Zcash, Monero, or Secret Network.

Finding Fellow Developers, Friends, and Mentors

The real treasure is the friends you’ll make along the way… One of the best things about Web3 is finding other incredibly smart, talented, and funny people to share your time with.

And, of course, crypto Twitter — but that’s hardly a public good.

Connecting to Blockchains

Every Web3 use case requires a connection with blockchain nodes. When building decentralized applications, you will need to make sure your dApp can communicate with the blockchain(s) it is compatible with. By connecting to Ankr’s public RPCs for 17 different blockchains, developers can gain instant access to blockchain data, and then scale their needs with our premium version when they want.

Multi-Chain Public RPCs:

ETH Public RPC Endpoints:

RPC Latency Comparison:

Comparison Tool: https://rpc-comparison.vercel.app/

Getting Your First Web3 Job

Web3 employers are always trying to get the best talent to their teams. Here are some of the best job boards updated daily (not necessarily public goods, but helpful!).

How To Get a Job in Web3

Storing Files

Being a true Web3 dev means using decentralized storage solutions. Check out some of the best Web3 has to offer.

Creating Community Forums and DAOs

Software Development kits

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Safety Goggles See a history of a wallet’s NFT activity through an analytical lens.
  • JSON Keeper A simple JSON store for your mobile and web app.
  • SGV Viewer An online tool to view and optimize SVGs.
  • Base 64 Encode/Decode your plain text.
  • Ethereum Dev Speed Run A web3 quick start for developers.
  • Lvl Protocol An on-chain reputation and skills web3 resume.
  • Wonderverse Web3 community collaboration tool.
  • Tip Send crypto on Discord easily.
  • Wagmi Cards Web3 gift sharing.
  • POAP Proof of attendance and bookmarks for your life.

For more lists visit: https://joshcs.xyz/detools

Did we forget any public goods resources we should add? Drop them in the comments!

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Further Reading On Public Goods

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