Ankr’s RPC Allies: 15 New Partners in 6 Months

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Market conditions aside, Ankr is buzzing from the amazing partners we’ve added to our ecosystem in the past few months. This article is dedicated to our favorite chains and projects bringing Web3 to the world.

Ankr is all about connecting users to blockchains. The best way to do that is to make partnerships with the most sought-after blockchains and protocols to make it easier than ever for Web3 developers, dApps, and end users to interact with them.

Ankr has been busy making friends and collaborating with chains and projects as a Web3 infrastructure provider — very busy. In October of last year, we started the Ankr Protocol with RPCs for five chains ready to go. In the few months following, Ankr came out of left field with lightning-fast growth to surpass many of the leading infrastructure providers by adding endpoints for 10 other chains.

Now Ankr has:

  • The most RPC partners of any infrastructure provider
  • The most supported regions of any infrastructure provider
  • 150+ billion monthly blockchain requests
  • 20% month-over-month growth

Zero to 150 Billion Real Quick

It hasn’t taken us long to scale Ankr Protocol from zero blockchain requests to 150 billion RPC requests served every month. This number is only growing as we accumulate more developers and clients attracted by Ankr’s builder-first pricing, speed, and reliability. This is why Ankr is now the fastest-growing Web3 infrastructure provider.

Ankr: The Fastest Growing Web3 Infrastructure Provider


How it Started: Creating Our RPC Services

We started our new Ankr Protocol service in fall 2021 as an RPC provider by acquiring from developer Kasper Neist that acted as a public good for the Fantom ecosystem to allow any dev to make requests for data to Fantom nodes. Kasper’s message at the bottom of the page summarized how he felt about the tool: “Made with ❤ by Kasper Neist.” Ankr decided we should always keep this message found at the bottom of our public RPC pages as a guiding light for how we feel about our users:

How It Progressed: Launching Ankr Protocol

Shortly after working with Fantom RPC, we launched Ankr Protocol to provide a collection of RPC endpoints for Polygon, Avalanche, Binance, Solana, and Ethereum. The protocol also introduced brand new utility for the ANKR token that would be used as a payment method for making RPC requests.

After launching Ankr Protocol, the floodgates opened to more and more chains and projects after they saw how we could impact their infrastructure and development community.

How It’s Going: Lightspeed RPC Growth

Ankr now has the most RPC partners of any Web3 infrastructure provider. We’ve become the biggest infrastructure provider for the BNB Chain, Fantom, and Polygon while eating up more of the requests to all other supported chains.

In the next few days, we will be announcing even more RPC partners that will be reachable on Ankr Protocol. And we will always continue to grow along with Web3 by adding new chains that may not even exist yet.

Additionally, we will announce upgrades to Ankr Protocol in the next two months that will enhance decentralization, increase ANKR token utility, and allow many more parties to deploy nodes to Ankr Protocol. Stay tuned!

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