Aquafarm Rotation #18: Whirlpools Edition (Apr 7th — Apr 21st)

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Aquafarm Rotation #18

  • Duration: Thursday, April 7th, 2022 — Thursday, April 21st, 2022
  • Total Emissions: ~300K ORCA per week (rewards begin on April 7th at 24:00 UTC)
  • Events: The Whirlpools Closed Beta will continue run for the duration of this Rotation, from midnight UTC on April 7th through April 21st (more details below). If you missed our Whirlpools tutorial, watch it here and tune in to our Twitter Spaces on Friday for an AMA with the Friktion team!


Aquafarms, Double-Dip, and Standard Pools

Click here to swap or deposit sRLY/SOL on Orca!
  • Double-Dip duration: April 7, 2022 —June 30, 2022
  • Rewards: 30,000,000 BASIS (+ ORCA rewards)
Click here to swap or deposit BASIS/USDC on Orca!
  • All mSOL pools (USDC, USDT, mSOL, BTC, ETH, MNDE)
  • All stSOL pools (USDC, USDT, wstETH, wUST)
Click here to swap or deposit GMT/USDC on Orca!

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