UMA looks forward to joining ETHPortland

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Tl;dr: Core Members of UMA will be at ETHPortland April 7–9 showcasing how UMA’s optimistic oracle is solving data pain points for developers of Web3 applications, while also revealing how the OO can empower a new era of flexible optimistic governance in DAOs. At ETHPortland, UMA invites hackers to use the optimistic oracle to create fast, secure, and novel applications for the future of Web3. Prizes will be awarded!

What is an optimistic oracle?

UMA is an optimistic oracle that can provide and verify any arbitrary data on-chain.

Today, data from UMA secures markets and smart contracts across Web3, expanding the developer design space. The OO tells smart contracts “things about the world” so they can enforce real-world payout conditions.

UMA’s OO provides human-powered data dispute resolution between contracts through the Data Verification Mechanism (DVM). Anyone can earn a reward by proposing answers to a request, and that’s the lifeblood of the protocol. Proposed data will not be sent to the DVM unless it is disputed, and disputes are rare. That’s what makes our oracle optimistic.

Across and Polymarket represent two key use cases for the OO.


UMA’s Zodiac module represents another promising use case for the OO. UMA’s senior engineer John Shutt will be presenting at the hackathon on Friday, April 8 at 11am PST, explaining how communities can let anyone and everyone manage a DAO treasury by using Zodiac.

Flexible governance in DAOs

UMA’s Zodiac identifier, coupled with the Optimistic Oracle Zodiac module, will allow for a new era of flexible “optimistic governance,” where management of DAO treasuries and other multi-signature wallets can be managed more effectively, without being limited to X-of-Y signing schemes or tokenholder votes.

This breakthrough will allow you to control a Gnosis Safe according to a set of rules defined off-chain and enforced by UMA’s OO.

Come say hello to UMA and take part in the hackathon to earn prizes

As part of the hackathon, UMA will be awarding $5,000 to the team that builds the most interesting use case with the OO. We will also be awarding $2,000 for the runner up. John Shutt will be judging.

The winners could also be eligible to receive a further grant if the team wishes to continue building using UMA.

Come hang out with UMA at our booth, and tell us more about what you want to build. Keep an eye on UMA’s Twitter for more details this week leading up to the event, and we’ll see you there.

Also be sure to scoop up some of the UMA and Across swag!



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