Ankr Heading To ETHDubai 2022!

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The Ankr team has their bags packed for ETHDubai, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet up in the City of Gold!

We will be coming in on March 29th and departing after the 31st for the full experience, so we hope to see you at some point in the days to come. Check out what we’ll be up to during our time in Dubai below!

If you still need your tickets for ETHDubai, you can grab them here starting at 0.07 ETH.

Get the Fastest Ethereum Connection For The Hackathon

Ankr has launched ETH nodes in Dubai for a free low-latency connection to serve all your ETH requests. Just use our public RPC endpoint:


Ankr has also launched Binance Chain, Polygon, and Fantom nodes in Dubai that will be serving traffic from across the Middle East. This will help onboard Middle Eastern users to crypto and Web3 with a better user experience and incredibly low latency.

Don’t Miss Ankr’s Talks!

We are excited to kick things off by hopping aboard the yacht Meet and Greet Party sponsored by Syscoin and Uno Re, workshop with everyon3

On day three, our Developer Advocate Josh Stein and Head of Product, Josh Neuroth, will be speaking during these events:

Technical Lightning Talk

Learn how to launch a dApp in 5 minutes from our head of developer relations, Josh Stein.

Where: Stage 1

When: March 31, 12:05 PM

Panel: L2s and Side Chains

Hear Ankr’s Head of Product Josh Neuroth discuss the future of scaling with L2s and side chains.

Where: Stage 1

When: March 31, 2:00 PM

If you are interested in launching your own dApp or are working to scale in Web3, you will not want to miss these talks!

View the full ETHDubai schedule.

Let’s Catch Up and Talk Shop

We want to meet you and chat about projects! Ankr’s ecosystem is growing quickly with new projects that use our decentralized infrastructure to power their dApps, DeFi platforms, exchanges, games, and more — see how we can help boost yours.

Give us a message on our community channels: Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. Learn more about us and how Ankr can take your project to the next level as a leader in decentralized Web3 and infrastructure and DeFi solutions:

  • Find instant blockchain development resources, including our premium RPC on 11+ networks.
  • Integrate liquid staking products and more with your platform to give your users earning solutions.
  • Find resources like our Grant Program and give your project a funding boost.Want to find out even more about us? Head to our website to find our docs, about us section, and more.

As you already now we are going to party! More about that soon

ETHDubai ’22 Will Be One for the Books…

ETHDubai is going to be another massive event for Web3 this year. And the Ankr team can’t wait to return to such a unique place. So we’ll be looking forward to having a drink, seeing the sights, and meeting all of you. We hope you’ll join us!

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