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What Is Ankr Bridge?

Ankr Bridge enables users to send their liquid staking tokens to different blockchains, unlocking several new use-cases. The first release will enable the aMATICb token to be sent and stored between Ethereum and Polygon. Since MATIC liquid staking on Ankr Earn occurs on the Ethereum network, enabling aMATICb tokens to be bridged to Polygon creates new freedom for users when it comes to where they keep and earn with their tokens.

Trade Liquid Staking Tokens On Any Chain (through DEXs)

Ankr Bridge enables you to purchase liquid staking tokens on DEXs regardless of their underlying blockchain. For instance, you can purchase our aMATICb liquid staking token on a DEX that runs on Polygon even if the MATIC staking is based on Ethereum originally. This enables more parties to interact with our tokens and provides new platforms where our liquid stakers can earn.

More Arbitrage Trading Opportunities

Since users will now be able to trade tokens freely on more DEXs on other chains, they will have more opportunities to find price differences between Ankr’s liquid staking tokens. If aMATICb is trading higher on an Ethereum-based DEX than a Polygon-based DEX, this is an opportunity to make a quick, profitable trade.

More Borrowing & Lending Opportunities

More lending platforms will be unlocked to provide liquid stakers with additional options to take loans against their assets or lend them for a share in fees. Users may be able to find borrowing pools that charge less interest once they have access to a greater selection of chains.


Create New Products (e.g., Indexes)

Bridging liquid staking to multiple chains enables users to interact with several liquid staking tokens on a single chain. This means enterprises could create indexes using ETH, AVAX, MATIC, BNB, FTM, DOT, & KSM liquid staking. New index tokens could then be used to take leverage against it, enabling more use cases on multiple chains.

What’s Next?

Ankr will release more supported liquid staking tokens that can be bridged with multiple chains over the next few weeks, starting now with aMATICb on the Polygon network.

Ankr Bridge has been designed with the support of Ankr Protocol, a distributed consensus protocol, enabling users to bridge liquid staking tokens to any chain in a scalable, secure, and reliable way.

Over the next few months, Ankr Earn will enable a new cross-chain staking experience intended to let users stake any token on any chain in a seamless experience, while Ankr Bridge works behind the scenes to make it all happen.

As an example of this new experience, cross-chain staking will let users stake their wETH on the Fantom network and get aETHc or aETHb on Fantom directly, greatly expanding the scope of yield-earning opportunities across multiple chains.

Ankr Bridge is an exciting milestone for Ankr Liquid Staking, creating cross-chain staking that will put Ankr even further ahead as a leading Web3 infrastructure provider and innovator.

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