Brace Yourselves, Pilots: Tokemak Liquidity Deployment Begins

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Live feed coverage of Hurricane Tokemak

The Beginning of a New Era

Tokemak liquidity deployment began this week, marking an important milestone for the protocol. A combined $1.5mm of UST, FRAX, and USDC have been successfully deployed from the Pair Reactors to UST-3Pool (wormhole) and the FRAX + 3Crv pool.

It’s important to note that this process of liquidity deployment is beginning in a way that is carefully controlled, monitored, and gradual. This is intentional for the purposes of ensuring the security of the mechanics in order to graduate to a larger scale of deployment, and reach the stage where the team feels confident in unlocking Tokemak’s full design and potential. Thus, kicking off deployment with stablecoins into Curve pools was an obvious way to ease into ensuring the mechanisms at play are behaving as intended.

So what’s next? Wen hurricane?

Over the next month, we plan to continue to scale stables from the Pair Reactors to Curve pools on the way to full deployment (roughly $400mm at the time of writing).

Beginning in a few weeks in parallel, we’ll begin to drip assets from Token Reactors, scaling them similarly into freshly made Reactor-default Curve tABC/ABC pools.

After these deployments are completed, we’ll start plugging in more wires across the whole system and start scaling liquidity into Uniswap v2, SushiSwap, Curve V2 (volatile pairs), and Balancer, based on TOKE votes by Liquidity Directors.

A summary of the path to full liquidity deployment can be thought of like this:

  • Pair Reactor assets deployed as single assets to Curve pools
  • Token Reactor assets deployed as single assets to Curve pools
  • Then traditional combination liquidity pairs will begin to flow into exchanges, as the system progresses slowly and safely towards more decentralized and automated deployment

More Updates

  • Cycles will remain daily for now, but will shift to weekly Cycles soon — the team will give a heads up prior to that transition, though it could be as soon as a week or two from now
  • Fresh audits from Omniscia and Trail of Bits will be released in our docs over the next week
  • More UI updates will be pushed as we continue to clean up the dApp
  • C.o.R.E.3. date to be announced soon™
  • Wen brane? Membrane Discord will be launching soon™
  • A deeper exploration into the Tokemech universe is en route as well, so stay frosty, Pilots

Join the ranks of the Tokemechs

If you have questions and you’re not already in our Discord, be sure to hop in and join us. The Reactors are heating up.





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