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Volume 2 • Issue 2

Binance Labs Incubator Program comes to a head with the Demo Day presentations, which left some of the most notable venture capitalist funds wanting for more. Bird makes its massive reveal on our analytic product development. Partnerships continue to form as DApp development teams clamor over the idea of individualized experiences for their users by utilizing Bird’s wallet level machine learning analytics products.

Binance Labs Demo Day: The Great Reveal

The Bird’s nest has been busy at the Bird Nest accelerating their data science and machine learning work to produce one of the most groundbreaking advancements made in the crypto industry yet. Our data science team has created the first version of the Bird Investor Score prediction model. Our team scraped the data of the entire Binance Smart Chain network and after extensive feature engineering and exploratory data analysis, the progress made by the machine learning team is as follows.

  1. Baseline Investor score prediction model.
  2. Machine Learning Model to predict HODLERs of a project with a stunning accuracy of 93%.

While crunching their minds on the machine learning tasks our team of data scientists was able to make some interesting findings backed by strong analytics which we wanted to share with our community.

The crown jewel of Bird’s Analytics team work is the Neural Network based Artificial Intelligence Model for prediction on how much longer a wallet is expected to hold a certain token (or investor’s score). Our Model can predict the investor’s score with a 37.6 Mean absolute error.

Moreover the model can also identify the top HODLERs of any given project with an accuracy of 93 percent on the test data . Below is a graph showing the model predicting the top HODLERs of a project.Each dot represents a wallet address. X-axis is the true holding time in days, Y-axis is the model’s predicted holding score.

For anyone who works in the domain of data or has the base-line knowledge of it must know that exploration of data is an important part of the process. While our data scientist were heavily invested in exploring immense amount of data one of the interesting facts which popped up during building the above model was that our team was able to find out the dependency of a wallet’s holding pattern on other features such as the wallet’s previous transaction count, it’s age and its interaction with the project. Below shown is the correlation matrix between a wallet and the target variable which is the average holding days.

Another interesting fact which our team found and thought should share with the community is the behaviour of users with different projects. As it turns out, the majority of the users on chain tend to do quick transactions on projects with lesser price but tend to hold the expensive tokens for a longer period of time. The below chart proves the above hypothesis which majority of us may already know only this time it is backed by hard analytical support. As you might see some oscillation at start of graph, there are some projects with lesser price that the wallet owners hold longer while on the overall the trend remains as described above.

Now we know that this stuff from our team must have got all of you pretty pumped up. The good news is that this is just the initial version of the AI side that Bird is trying to accomplish. With a much bigger and greater vision that bird has, our team is already working to improve the Artificial Intelligence model’s accuracy and performance. Not only that, we are also under way to get data from different chains to make our AI based products more effective and better.


For more details please view the recording of our fireside chat with a full walkthrough of the Binance Labs Demo Day presentation held between Bird’s core team and community members at the following YouTube link:

Business development and Partnerships

Bird recently wrapped up a successful Binance Incubator experience and the first wave of analytic tools are near introduction. An important shift is starting as it is now time to begin developing relationships with the first projects that will adopt and utilize our tools.

The Bird team has identified Launchpads and Blockchain Gaming as the first two areas of focus in our pursuit of new partners.

In January announced an exciting stream of new partnerships which you can read the details of each of them below:

GAT Network

GAT Network is building a field within the innovative arena that will open collaboration services with other gaming and NFT projects. GAT Network develops tools that will enable game developers and NFT creators to create, trade and distribute their works in gamified ways.


Beamswap is a Decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Moonbeam network. With it’s automated market maker (AMM) technology, it will provide liquidity and peer-to-peer transaction capabilities for users in the Polkadot Ecosystem.


DAOLaunch is a fully decentralized fundraising launchpad founded for the next generation of ideas to thrive in a transparent, flexible and fair financing round. Bringing unorthodox solutions to embryonic start-ups, DAOLaunch revamps the status quo by empowering entrepreneurs and individuals onto a level playing field. At DAOLaunch, everyone becomes a decentralized venture capitalist.


SoccerHub is the first play-to-earn multiplayer game that combines conventional soccer manager games and the most trending Blockchain technologies which can create very distinct NFT characters.

We have no intention of slowing down in the coming months. As we continue our preparations to introduce our tools, we are excited to meet and develop relationships with the future leaders of the Web 3.0 community.

Community engagement and FAQ

A topic we take pride in and are continually working to improve upon is our communication with The Flock. We understand that keeping the community up to date on what we are working on, building and planning is important both to token holders and to the success of Bird.

We are 2/3s through #OperationBirdNest, our initial Ambassador Project, and are excited by the interaction with The Flock. The program has generated many great questions, suggestions and ideas from the community.

One suggestion from The Flock that we excitedly adopted is the concept behind our new Fireside Chats. We successfully completed our first two Q&A forums between the community and CEO Daniel Stephens. Still a work in progress, we are excited to develop Fireside Chats into regular biweekly meetings with the community.

So, as we continue to work hard within the Bird Nest to fulfill all of our commitments and objectives to both the company and the community, we’ll see you at our next fireside chat where we can hang out together, talk shop and maybe share in some other discussions together.

As always, thank you on behalf of everyone on the team for the continued support through thick and thin. We know it hasn’t been easy to maintain faith in the longterm ideas and concepts that cryptocurrency and blockchain have to offer. There are always extrinsic forces that tend to work against us, rattling the very foundations we are working to build upon. No matter what, our goals and drive are unfettered. We will continue to build, innovate, adapt and change the face of the industry, despite it all.

Be well, Bird Flock.

About Bird

Bird is empowering dApp developers to create the Web3.0 UX of the future by developing wallet-level machine learning prediction products that are accessible within a permissionless, decentralized on-chain oracle. Developers that integrate with our products can, for example, offer variable defi loans or launchpad investment terms based on Bird’s analysis of the wallet’s past behaviors as well as off-chain data streams.

Behavioral prediction products fueled the growth of Web2.0 companies such as Google and Facebook, but centralization had led to power and profit disparities. Combining the power of ML with open and decentralized technologies will enable Bird to create an entirely new tech business model. Operational decisions such as how sensitive data are used and what user behaviors are analyzed can be made by the community (i.e, token holders), with community profit-sharing serving to align the long-term incentives of Bird administrators and ecosystem users.

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