Refreshed Biswap Checklist | Review Ongoing & Future Accomplishments!

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This month Biswap completed new powerful objectives! As the Biswap team continues to work tirelessly, they set aspiring goals for the future. In turn, this requires us to keep updating our checklist.

On the updated checklist, you can see our progress and future aspirations!

Take a look at the completed targets:

✅ Lottery

✅ Biswap Analytics


✅ NFT Earn

✅ NFT Marketplace

✅ Launchpad: Buy new tokens directly on Biswap

✅ GameFi integration (Play to Earn)

✅ Holder Pool

Over the past months, we’ve seen tremendous growth on Biswap! Having a powerful community gives us the strength and power we need to achieve even greater goals.

Let’s review the ongoing missions:

🌀 Listing on the main crypto exchanges

Biswap also strives to provide its users with BSW opportunities outside just the Biswap platform. A significant amount of energy goes into the platform’s listings on the largest crypto exchanges. Biswap keeps cooperating with many progressive projects and platforms.

🌀 Swap Referral Program activation

Swaps or Exchange Referral Program indicates that users will get specific commission rewards each time their referrals make swaps on the Biswap platform. The exchange rewards are sent instantly after the referrals make a swap. The reward you receive will depend on the BSW staking level in BSW Holder Pool.

🌀 Updates in Squid NFT World

The Biswap team keeps developing new features to improve the Squid NFT World!

Squid NFT World Upgrades and releases to come soon:

  • Share your Win on Social Media & Gain BSW Weekly

And that’s not all. More upgrades are ahead!

🌀 Improvements on Biswap Marketplace

The Biswap team works hard to improve the NFT Marketplace to achieve the best results possible. Biswap continues to provide market-relevant updates in order to make the platform easy to use and trade.

🌀 Multi-chain (connecting new networks)

Biswap plans to support one more blockchain in the nearest future to expand its influence in DeFi. Biswap MultiChain will be the first step in the mission toward supporting multi-chain assets on the constantly expanding DeFi market.

🌀 Exclusive opportunities for BSW holders

Biswap expansion broadens the horizons of the project. In order to present our users with more lucrative opportunities, our team is working on the strengthening of BSW tokens and implementing new ways for BSW holders to use their tokens and earn more crypto in return. As you know, BSW Holder Pool was recently released as one of key possibilities for holders of native tokens of Biswap, but that’s just the beginning. Therefore, more offers for BSW holders will join Biswap Metaverse in the near future.

🌀 New innovative Launchpad system

The team at Biswap is continually developing and integrating new ideas. The Launchpad system will enable a more profitable experience and easier usage. Keep checking back for future discoveries!

Are you ready for new fascinating future possibilities?

Check Future Plans of Biswap:

🔲 Marketing promotion (media & bloggers)

🔲 Charts on Exchange Page

🔲 Personal user’s dashboard

🔲 Daily tasks for users

🔲 Limit Orders

🔲 Lending & Borrowing

🔲 Global expansion of Biswap ecosystem

Wow! As you see, Biswap is always on the move! Stay tuned for more exciting upgrades!

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