Game Rewards & More Updates in Squid NFT World

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Dear Biswappers,

We want to apologize for the inconveniences of the changes to Squid NFT World rewards.

Your feedback helped us to make important decisions. We promise to inform you about all upcoming changes in advance. The Biswap team evaluated your requests and implemented:

πŸš€Increase the rewards in Games by 5% of the initial values at launch for 96 hours:


Users who have received less in the last 24 hours will get the bigger amount due to the rewards’ increase. In 96 hours the rewards will get back to initial values as they were at launch of the game.

There are no planned changes to the rewards after those actions in the near future.

The Biswap team attentively tracks the data in Squid NFT World and you can be sure that the game is profitable for those who play.

Many of you asked for the integration of the BSW Holder Pool to GameFi.

Good news! It will be implemented soon!

⏰Release date: February 1, between 2:00 and 3:00 PM UTC

The increase of staked BSW for participation will not be significant.

Look how much BSW need to be staked in BSW Holder Pool to participate in games:


1st game β€” 20 BSW
2nd game β€” 30 BSW
3rd game β€” 40 BSW
4th game β€” 50 BSW
5th game β€” 60 BSW
6th game β€” 70 BSW
7th game β€” 80 BSW


1st game β€” 30 BSW
2nd game β€” 50 BSW
3rd game β€” 80 BSW
4th game β€” 100 BSW
5th game β€” 120 BSW
6th game β€” 150 BSW
7th game β€” 200 BSW

This release will make BSW stronger and provide BSW holders with new benefits for a long term perspective:

  • Strengthening of BSW
  • Make BSW less volatile
  • Increase assets of BSW Holders
  • High interest to BSW token in the industry

The Biswap team will increase the entry amount from 800 SE to 900 SE for the 1st game.

Biswap made a step forward to its users and lowered the initial entry amount to 800 SE on Squid NFT World launch. It was made because the boost of Players via SE wasn’t released yet.

Boost of NFT Players with Squid Energy is implemented now.
So we want to notify you ahead of time about upcoming release:

⏰Date: February 1, between 2:00 and 3:00 PM UTC

You can earn the difference of 100 SE by making trades on Biswap or buying NFT on the Marketplace and then receiving generous rewards from the 1st game.

We made this strategic decision to impact Biswap development and increase trading volumes on Biswap and its Marketplace. This will positively impact the number of tokens for BSW burning, making it more valuable in the crypto world.

Thank you for your support and understanding!
Let’s move together to new heights!

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