Bonfida x PIP: Send $FIDA on Twitter & Twitch

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the Bonfida x PIP partnership. Users can now monetize themselves on social media platforms through sending and receiving $FIDA effortlessly. Together, we are speedily paving the way to a P2P economy and Web 3.0!

Before we delve into the logistics, let’s find out more about PIP:

PIP leverages the power of well-established social platforms to connect scalable crypto-protocols, such as Bonfida, so people can smoothly transact without a single party’s permission or high intermediary fees. These entrenched social media platforms include names such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

PIP is essentially bridging the gap between the blockchain world, that is Web 3.0, and Web 2.0 platforms.

The three main functions of PIP includes (1) transacting assets, any digital value and currencies on social media platforms, (2) linking social identities to crypto-ownership and (3) encouraging users to monetize their web contents.


So, how does Bonfida and PIP work together?

Using your Twitter handle to send users $FIDA

With PIP you can now send users $FIDA on Twitter! This process is as painless as a click of a button. The only requirements include having a Phantom wallet, a registered Twitter handle and being a PIP user. Given this, PIP will display payment options on the user’s profile or post, so that senders can easily click to make a $FIDA payment.

Using your PIP tag to send users $FIDA on Twitter & Twitch

Creating a PIP tag will also permit trouble free sending and receiving of $FIDA on Twitter & Twitch. All you have to do is create a tag ([email protected]) on PIP’s website and post it anywhere on Twitter and/or Twitch, including bios, tweets and so forth. This will then be highlighted by the PIP extension allowing users to send $FIDA to others. For example, adding the PIP tag such as “[email protected]” to a tweet will grant users the opportunity to send $FIDA to the wallet address associated with the tag as shown below. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Please refer to this guide for an in-depth explanation on PIP tags.

A disclaimer: Recipients do not need to be an immediate PIP user to receive $FIDA. When a payment is made, the recipient can be notified via a comment or message, and in the meantime the $FIDA will be transferred to the smart contract until the recipient signs up for PIP. If the $FIDA is not claimed within 24 hours, it will be returned to the sender.

Coming Soon: SNS integration with PIP

Soon users will be able to use their .sol domain names to receive tokens on social media platforms! This supplements an added layer of efficiency where PIP users can send funds to a .sol domain name directly as opposed to internally between PIP users. In this manner, a PIP user can straightforwardly transact with other non-PIP users that have a .sol domain name. This method will work similarly to the PIP tag, however without the need for the recipient to have a PIP account.

Like we said, we are speedily paving the way to a P2P economy and Web 3.0 — which is just what this collaboration will offer.

Closing Statement

This partnership is definitely applause worthy! We are very happy to be increasing accessibility to our SNS users and can’t wait to show you what’s to come.

Till next time, be safe and take care.

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None of the above is financial advice.

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